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Word Groups

BAD MOOD bilious dudgen pettish waspish pique
SMARTASS acerbic acrimonious acidulous mordant trenchant
ACT QUICKLY headlong apace precipitate impetuous (blank)
ASSIST ancillary countenance espoused munificent stalwart
BORING banal fatuous hackneyed platitude trite
CRITCIZE aspersion calumny gainsay inveigh reprove
DEATH / MOURNING dolorous elegy knell moribund obsequies
DISGUSTING / OFFENSIVE fetid invidious noisome rebarbative (blank)
HARD TO UNDERSTAND abstruse arcane bemusing inscrutable turbid
FALSEHOOD apocryphal dissemble ersatz guile mendacious
FORGIVE exculpate expiate palliate redress vindicate
GENEROUS / KIND clement largess magnanimous munificent unstinting
NAG cavil enjoin hector martinet reproof
LAZY indolent inert lassitude phlegmatic quiescent
STUBBORN implacable inexorable obdurate obstinate untoward
TIME/ORDER/DURATION anschornism ephemeral antedate diurnal (blank)
WITHDRAWAL/RETREAT abeyance abjure abrogate decamp renege
Created by: sloanie32