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Foundations Vocab W1

accountability equal responsibility, any profession, responsible for teaching and kids learning, develop ways to get knowledge across
affirmative action formal federation plan that schools, staffing, enrollment, and programs need to be integrated
at risk student any kid that you can predict will have problems, issues, concerns, that needs extra assistance
5 skills for students and staff need to succeed listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking
teaching instructing people on content, imparting knowledge, skills, and information to others
profession teaching or lawyer....
intrinsic internal reasons, i want to shape kids
extrinsic external reasons, long summers
certification license to teach, needed, beyond course work
teachable moments interruptions in your plans and adapting to it in the classroom, can be more important than plans
restoration aid money from the federal govt. to help pick up states slack
race to the top funds state involvement, lower test scores in schools get more money for program development
purpose for schools and education schools provide for citizenship, help students get along, work force readiness, academic acheivement, self directed leaners, problem solvers, complex thinkers, communication, collaborative workers
normal schools not around today, 1900-1930, program where one room school house teachers would go to a 2 year state program to learn then be certified
reciprocity not all states have same requirements but neighbors can agree on standards
classroom management how you run your classroom
cooperative learning learning in groups where everyone has a responsibility
curriculum content of teaching
curriculum alignment asses what we teach
diversity can't teach all kids the same way, many factors
tenure 3 successful years at a school district, state of being, more rights, options if looking at being fired
Professional Development improving oneself, must complete 150-175 hours of professional development every 5 years (35 hours a year)
Evaluation opening the door for improvement, effects tenure
formative evaluation given time to improve, 3-4 a year, someone comes in to observe you, told positive and negative
summative test, pass or fail, fail = out, happens at the end
no child left behind educational standards on content and personnel
praxis exams to become qualified
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