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1st Nine wks Lab Svcs

When draping your client, be sure the neck band of the cape is not touching the client's skin True
When performing the shampoo service, how many times should you apply shampoo? Typically twice if the hair is really dirty.
When preparing for a shampoo service, what do you do if the client is wearing a collar or a high-necked blouse? Turn it down, away from the neck so that the clothing does not get soiled or wet.
Name at least three items you need to assemble before you begin to shampoo a client? shampoo cape, towel, shampoo, conditioner, clamp to secure towel, comb/brush.
In haircutting, your side sections should be exactly the same size. True
When using the shears or razor your wrist should be kept very firm. False
How do you "palm" the shears? Remove the thumb from the opening and fold the shears into the center of the hand.
The backs of ______ sometimes have numbered scales so that you can measure lengths of hair. Combs
For a blunt haircut, ______ partings are used. horizontal
How many sections do you divide the hair into for a blunt cut? four
The first piece of hair cut in each section, or the ______, determines the length for the rest of the section. guideline
If the hair is held taut, the cuts will be more precise. True
How do you determine the size of a roller base? The size of the roller base will be the same width and length as the roller you use.
The hair should be dry and cool before beginning a comb-out. True
It is important that the air flow from a blow dryer be applied directly to the scalp while drying the hair. False
Define haircutting. The art of shaping the hair with the aid of implements into a becoming shape for the client.
In haircutting, it is ok to cut past the second knuckle of the finger. False
These scissors, also known as __________, are mainly used to cut blunt or straight lines in hair. Shears
_____________, are mainly used when a softer effect on the ends of the hair is desired. Razors
Name some of the hand positions for different cutting angles. Cutting over your fingers, cutting below the fingers, and cutting palm to palm.
In haircutting, always maintain an even amount of moisture in the hair. True
Vertical finger waves are sideways and parallel around the head. False
A properly fitted shear has a _________ finger-hole that rests between the first and second knuckle, so that your __________ is resting comfortabley on the finger _______. Ring, pinky, tang
We must disinfect the shampoo bowl after each use. True
Created by: mstiny_s