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Stack #44643

1001 Receiving Poorly
1002 Receiving Well
1003 Stop Transmitting
1004 Acknowledgement
1005 Relay
1006 Busy
1007 Out of Service
1008 In Service
1009 Repeat
1010 Out of Service, but Subject to Call
1011 Dispatching Too Fast
1012 Person Present
1013 Weather Conditions
1014 Funeral or Escort
1015 Arrest
1016 Prisoner Transport
1017 Conduct Investigation
1018 Emergency Response
1019 Return to Station
1020 Location
1021 Call Station By Phone
1022 Disregard
1023 Standby
1024 Trouble Send Help
1025 Make Contact
1026 Message Received
1027 DL
1028 Registration Check
1029 Local Wanted Status
1030 Personal Wanted Status
1031 In Persuit
1032 Breath Analyzer
1033 Emergency Radio Traffic
1034 Getting Fuel
1035 Confidential
1036 Correct Time
1037 Dispatcher
1042 Out of Service At Home
1042 1/2 Wife/Husband
1042 1/4 Child
1043 Information
1045 Call Number
1046 Urgent
1048 End of Message. Did you Receive?
1049 Request Detective
1050 Traffic Stop
1051 Enroute
1052 ETA
1053 Enroute to Station
1054 Negative
1056 Meet at
1057 Request SWAT Team
1058 Request Dive Team
1059 Request K9
1065 Can you Copy?
1066 Cancel
1070 Request Wrecker
1071 Request Ambulence
1080 Change Radio Channel
1082 Personal Aid
1083 On Foot
1084 Meal Break
1086 Starting Tour of Duty
1087 Ending Tour of Duty
1088 What Phone Number Can you be Reached at?
1097 Arrived at Scene
1098 Cleared Assignment
1099 Case Number
REPO Reposession
Created by: kent104