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Pharm Ch 1 - HCCRT

Pharmacology The study of drugs (chemicals), including their orgin, properties, and interactions with living organisms.
Drugs Any chemical that alters the organism's functions or processes.
Pharmacy The preparation and dispensing of drugs.
Pharmacognosy The identification of sources of drugs, from plants and animals.
Each drug has 5 different names, what are they? Chemical, Code, Official, Generic, and Trade (brand) name
Pharmacogenetics The study of the interrelationship of genetic differences and drug effects.
Therapeutics The art of treating disease with drugs.
Toxicology The study of toxic substances and their pharmacological actions, including antidotes and poison control.
What are the official sources of drug information? USP, NF, USP-NF
What are the unofficial sources of drug information? Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) and Pharmacology texts and handbooks
What are the parts of a prescription? Patients name, address and date
Superscription Tells the Pharmacist to take the drug listed and prepare it as specified.
Inscription Lists the name and quantity of the drug being prescribed.
Investigating New Drugs - Phase 1 Small group of healthy volunteers
Investigating New Drugs - Phase 2 Small group of people with disease
Investigating New Drugs - Phase 3 Large group of people with disease
New Drug Application Reporting system for the first 6 months.
What are 2 parts of a drug approval? Chemical identification & animal studies
What are the 4 drug sources? Plant, animal, mineral, synthetic
Subscription Preparation instructions for the Pharmacist
Transcription Instructions to the patient
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