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Geog. Study Guide

Geography Study Guide

Beach Bend park would show which theme of geography about Bowling Green? Place
The region of the U.S. that is most likely to experience a hurricane. The Southeast region.
There are many desert areas in the Southwest is an example of Region
Region of the U.S. that is most likely to experience an earthquake? West Region
Bowling Green is located between Nashville and Louisville is an example of this? Relative Location
Imaginary lines on the earth that go east to west Latitude lines
The center of the United States that is a flat grassland that contains Tornado Alley The Great Plains
WBKO would be an example of which theme of geography? Movement
The region of the U.S. that is most likely to experience a hurricane. Southeast Region
Imaginary lines on the earth that go north to south Longitude lines
The river that is an important part of trade linking the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean St. Lawrence River
The U.S. river that is largest by volume Mississippi River
First created in 1492 and shows correct size and location of landmasses Globe
One way that connects Regions together is this weather concept Climate
Oil platforms can most likely be found in this body of water Gulf of Mexico
Used to measure absolute location on the Earth Latitude and Longitude
The theme of movement helps explain this Why many different languages are spoken in American cities
This river in the Southwest U.S. helps form part of the U.S./Mexico border Rio Grande
How do you find the degree of increments of latitude lines on a world map without them marked? You count the number of lines of longitude from the prime meridian to the outside edge of the map and divided the number into 180.
The Corvette Assembly plant and the Corvette would show which them of geography best? Place - What is Bowling Green like? It's the only place the Corvette is made.
Religious Freedom could be considered this A pull factor
West, Northwest, Southwest, South Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, North are what? Regions of the United States
Breadbasket, Tornado Alley, Plains, Are nicknames for which region in the U.S. Midwest
Building basements, early warning systems, and having emergency kits are ways people do what? Adapt in areas that have large numbers of tornadoes
Evacuate, board up windows, build houses higher off the ground are ways people do what? Adapt in areas that large amount of hurricanes
Build buildings on “swaying” foundations, attach items to walls, build shorter buildings are ways people do what? Adapt in areas that have earthquakes
Build steeper roofs, have snow plows, wear warming clothing, have more insulation in their homes are examples of what? Ways people adapt in areas that get lots of snow during the winter.
Most major business cities in the U.S. Are located in these types of locations. On major water sources.
I belonged to the poor class. I had to go out and earn my bread at the age of eight. No hope of saving anything in case of illness. I got a ticket from my two brothers who had managed to get to America. What are the push/pull factors in this story? Push - Poverty, hunger, fear of illness. Pull - Freedom, being with her family. Hope of a better life.
The company that your mom works for shut down. This could become a what? A Push Factor
Which two hemispheres is the United States located in? Northern and Western hemispheres
What is most often the major factor in determining where people choose to settle? Being close to a source of water.
What is a delta? It is a rich area of land that the flat where the mainstream splits up into several smaller streams.
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