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Endo and Ectoparasite resvision

Laterally flattened bodyHead thorax and abdomenHas 3 pairs of legsDoes not live entire life-cycle on animal FLEA
Spend entire life-cycle on the animaldorso-ventrally flattened body and are winglessHead thorax and abdominal segmentsAntannae which point caudally BITING LICE
Yellowish brown in colourSpend entire life-cycle on the animalHead thorax and abdomen3 pairs of legs Dorso-ventrally flattened and wingless Narrow head with antannae which are pointing cranially SUCKING LICE
oval in shape Four pairs of legs which all protrude beyond the body Suckers on the end of legsSpend entire life-cycle on the animal OTODECTES (Ear mites)
Oval shaped body which varies in colourFour pairs of legsSurface mite IXODES (Ticks)
Upside down pear-shaped body Large hooks on the mouth partsCombs on the distal section of the legsSurface mite CHEYLETIELLA (Walking dandruff)
Sub-surface miteIt is round in shape Has 4 pairs of short stumpy legs with suckers on the endIt also has dorsal spines. SARCOPTES
Four pairs of stumpy legs protruding from the thoracic regionSub-surface miteCan only be confirmed by deep skin scrapes DEMODEX
Created by: 100000699047721
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