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Review #13: SSL 4000

Review #13 SSL 4000 (Stack #44436)

How many signal inputs are available on the SSL 4000G? 2
How many inputs may a channel receive? 3
How many routing choices are there for the dynamics section? 3
How many routing choices are the for the EQ section? 4 (Channel, Monitor, Split, Dynamics Sidechain)
How many bands does the EQ section have? 4 (Highs, Lows, High Mids, Low Mids)
What is the correct patch to stripe the time code in the patch bay? SMPTE Gen to Multi-Track Send 24
What is the correct patch to READ time code from the tape machine? Multi-Track Return 24 to READ
What is the command to create a TITLE? NAME + TITLE + (name) + EXECUTE
What is the command to create a CUE point? NAME + CUE + (cue name) + EXECUTE
What button will stop all computer activity? CANCEL
Name the 2 signal paths on the SSL 4000G. Channel and Monitor
Does the flip button swap faders? No
Name the 3 inputs to a module. Mic, Line, and Subgroup
What can be automated on the 4000G? Faders and Cuts
When the keypad is dead, what do you do? Re-boot
Where does the sub group get its input? From the Routing Matrix
Name the 2 drives in the computer. Program and Reel
True or False: The Ready Group monitors signal from the tape machine. False (Ready Tape Does. Ready Group monitors the live room.)
Name the 4 status modes. Record, Replay, Mix, Record/Mix (Super)
Name 3 aux send routing choices. Small Fader, Large Fader (Pre), Large Fader (Post)
What command loads the reel disc? Load (typed) + EXECUTE
What command does total recall? NAME + SETUP + EXECUTE
How do you get a faster attack in the dynamics section? Pull up the release knob
True or False: The float button re-routes the large fader going to the matrix. True
True or False: The SSL calls a snapshot a "setup." True
Will an IBM formatted disc work? No
What input is selected in Mix status? Line
What controls the level to the monitors and the 2-track deck? Stereo Buss (Master Fader)
Name the 2 SMPTE patches. SMPTE GEN to Multi-Track SEND 24 and Multi-Track RETURN to READ
What command starts the SMPTE procedure? SMPTE or STRIPE + EXECUTE
Created by: sticksmcfly