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Mrs D's Verbs_2

Mrs D's- are verbs conjugations

parlo I talk
parli you talk
parla he/she talks
parliamo we talk
parlate you talk(p)
parlano they talk
ascolto I listen
ascolti you listen
ascolta he/she listens
ascoltiamo we listen
ascoltate you listen(p)
ascoltano they listen
aspetto I wait
aspetti you wait
aspetta he/she waits
aspettiamo we wait
aspettate you wait(p)
aspettano they wait
guardo I watch
guardi you watch
guarda he/she watches
guardiamo we watch
guardate you watch(p)
guardano they watch
suono I play
suoni you play
suona he/she plays
suoniamo we play
suonate you play(p)
suonano they play
lavoro I work
lavori you work
lavora he/she works
lavoriamo we work
lavorate you work (p)
lavorano they work
gioco I play
giochi you play
gioca he/she plays
giochiamo we play
giocate you play(p)
giocano they play
mangio I eat
mangi you eat
mangia he/she eats
mangiamo we eat
mangiate you eat(p)
mangiano they eat
studio I study
studi you study
studia he/she/studies
studiamo we study
studiate you study(p)
studiano they study
compro I buy
compri you buy
compra he/she buys
compriamo we buy
compriate you buy(p)
compriano they buy
cercare to look for
cerco I look for
cerchi you look for (s)
cerca he/she looks for
cerchiamo we look for
cercate you look for (p)
cercano They look for
Cerco per il libro I'm looking for the book
Tu guardi il televisione? Are you watching the TV?
Amate la pizza? Do you all like pizza?
Odio la pasta. I hate pasta.
Mamma compri il formaggio per favore. Mum, buy some cheese please?
studiamo l'ilatiano oggi? Are we studying i Italian today?
ascoltate ragazze! Listen girls!
domani suoni il piano Tomorrow I'll play the piano.
Mio fratello parla sempre. My brother is always talking.
I treni arrivano alle nove The trains arrive at nine.
Created by: Padima