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Medical Term quiz1

root: Cutis Skin (aka Dermatos)
root: Stomatos mouth
Root: erythr red
Suffix: megaly enlargement
prefix 'an' without (ie: anesthesia-without feeling)
Root: esthes feeling (ie: anestesia)
Suffix 'ia' condition ie: anesthesia-condition of not feeling
suffix 'ar' pertaining to ie: intramuscular-pertaining to within the muscle
root: nas nose
root: ur urine
suffix: cyte cell ie: hepatocyte-liver cell
root: chondr cartilage ie: osteochondritis-inflamation of bone & cartilage
root: arth joint ie: osteoarthritis-inflammation of bone and joint
root: hemat blood ie: hematoemesis-vomiting blood
hematoemesis vomiting blood
gastromegaly enlargement of the stomach
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
hyperthermia the condition of excessive heat
intramuscular PERTAINING to within the muscle
paranasal pertaining to (area) near the nose
polyuria the condition of too much urine
suffix: dynia pain ie: gastrodynia
gastrodynia stomach pain
suffix: logy study of ie: hematology
hematology study of the liver
suffix: centesis surgical puncture ie: arthocentesis
arthrocentesis surigical puncture of a joint
root: enter intestine
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestines
root: encephal brain ie: encephalomeningitis-inflamation fo the brain and meninges
encephalomeningitis inflamation fo the brain and meninges
suffix: clasis to break; surgical fracture Ie: osteoclasis: surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity
suffix: desis binding, fixation (of a bone/joint)
arthorodesis binding together of a joint
suffix: lysis separation, destruction, loosening ie: thrombolysis-destruction of a blood clot
thrombolysis destruction of a blood clot
suffix: pexy fixation of an organ ie: mastopexy-fixation of the breast(s)
mastopexy fixation of the breast(s)
suffix: plasty surgical repair
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
suffix: rrhaphy suture
myorrhapy suture of a muscle
suffix: stomy forming an opening (mouth) ie: trachostomy-forming an opening into the trachea
suffix: tome instrument to cut Ie: osteotome- instrument to cut bone
osteotome instrument to cut bone
suffix: tomy incision ie: tracheotomy-incision through the neck into the trachea
tracheotomy incision (through the neck) into the trachea
suffix: tripsy crushing ie: lithotripsy-crushing a stone
lithotripsy crushing a stone (surgical procedure for elimiating a stone in the kidney, ureter, bladder or gallbladder)
suffix: gram record, writing ie: electrocardiogram-record of electrical activiity of the heart
electrocardiogram record of electrical activity of the heart
suffix: graph instrument for recording ie: cardiograph
cardiograph instrumetn for recording electrical activiy of the heart
suffix: graphy the process of recording ie: angiography-process of recording blood vessels (usually blood/lymph)
angiography radiographic imaging of blood vessels after injection of a constrast medium exact defintion: process of recording blood vessels
pelvimeter instrument for measuring pelvis
suffix: meter instrument of measuring
suffix: scope instrument for examining
endoscope instrument for examing within
suffix: scopy visual examination
endoscopy visual examination within
suffix: algia pain ie: neuralgia-pain of a nerve (usually occurs along the path of the nerve)
suffix: dynia pain
suffix: cele hernia, swelling ie: hepocele hernia of the liver
hepatocele hernia of the liver
suffix: ectasis dilation, expansion ie:bronchiectasis-dilation/expansion of one or more bronchi
bronciectasis dilation/expansion of one more bronchi (usually associated with vaerious lung condtions and is commonly accompanied by chronic infection
lymphedema swelling and accumulation of tissue fluid (may be caused by blockage of the lymph vessels
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
suffix: emesis vomiting
suffix: emia blood condition ie: anemia-blood condition caused by a decrease in red blood cells (erythrocytes)
anemia blood condition caused by a decrease in red blood cells
suffix: gen forming, producing, origin ie: carcinogen-forming, production or origion of cancer.a carcinogen is a substance/agent such as cigaretes that cuase teh develpment/increase the incidence of cancer
suffix: genesis forming, producing, origin ie: carcinogenesis-forming/producing cancer (transformation of normal cells into cancer cells, commonly as a result of chemicak, viral or radioactiv damage to genes.
suffix: iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specific) ie: cholelithiasis-abnormal condition of gallstones
cholelithiasis abnormal condition of gall stones (presence of gallstones in gallbladder/common bile duct)
suffix: lith stone, calculus ie: cholelith-gallstone
cholelith gallstone
malacia softening
chondromomalacia softening of the articular cartilage, usually involving the patella
suffix: osis abnormal condition: increase (used primarily with blood cells)
cyanosis dark blue/purple discoloration of the skin and mucus membranes (indicates a deficency of oxygen in the blood).
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
neuroma tumor composed of nerve tissue (a bening tumor composed chiefly of neurons and nerve fibers, usually arising from a nerve tissue. It may also be a swelling of a nerve that usually results from compression)
suffix: pathy disease ie: myophaty-disease of the muscles
myopathy disease of the muscles
penia decreae, deficiency ie: erythropenia-decrease in red blood cells
erythorpenia decrease in red blood cells
suffix: phagia eating, swallowing ie: ydsphagia-inability/difficulty in swallowing
dysphagia inability/difficulty in swallowing (dys-bad/paingful)
suffix: phasia speech ie: aphasia absence/impairment of speech
prefix: a without ie: aphasia-absence/impairment of speech
suffix: plasia abnormal formation/growth of cells, tissues or organs (general term for abnormal formation of an anatomic structure) antonym: plasm
dysplasia abornmal formation of an anatomic structure
plasm formation growth neoplasm-new formation/growth of tissue (neo-new) (antonym: plasia)
neoplasm new formation/growth of tissue (A neoplasm is an abnormal formation of a new tissue such as a tumor/growth)
suffix: plegia paralysis ie: hemiplegia-paralysis of one side of the body (usually caused by a brain injury/stroke)
suffix: rrhange bursting forth ie: hemorrage-bursing forth of blood (a loss of a large amount of blood within a short period, either internally or externally) antanoym- rrhagia
suffix: rrhagia bursting forth ie:menorrhagia: profused discare of blood during menstration
suffix: rrhea discharge, flow ie: diarrhea (dia-through/across)
suffix: rrhexis rupture anterorrehxis-rupture of an artery
anterorrhexis rupture of an aterty
suffix: sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening ie: arteriosclearosis
ateriosclerosis abnormal condition/hardening of an artery
suffix: spasm involuntary contraction/twitching
root: blephar eyelid
blepharospasm twitching of an eyelid
suffix: stenosis narrowing/stricture arteriostenosis-abnormal narrowing of an artery
arteriostenosis abnormal narrowing of an artery
suffix: trophy nourishment, development ie: dysrophy-bad nourishment
dystrophy an abnormal condition caused by improper nutrition or altered metabolism
suffix: 'al' pertaining too ie: nural-pertaining to a nerve
suffix: 'ac' pertaining too ie: cardiac
suffix: 'ary' pertaining to ie: pulmanary
suffix: 'eal' pertaining to ie: esophageal
suffix: 'ic' pertaining to ie: thoracic
suffix: 'ical'* pertaining to (*combination of ic and al) ie: pathological-pertaining to the study of disease
pathological perthaining to the study of diesease
suffix: 'ile' pertaining to ie: penile
suffix: 'ior' pertaining to ie: posterior-pertaining to the back of the body (poster: back (of body), behind)
suffix: 'ous' (3) pertaining to OR composed of OR producing ie: cutanious
suffix: 'tic' pertaining to acoustic-pertaining to hearing (acous-hearing)
suffix: 'esis' condition ie: diuresis-abnormal secretion of large amounts of urine
diuresis abnormal secretion of large amounts of urine
suffix: 'ia' condition ie: pnemonia-infection of the lung cuased by baceria, virus or disease
suffix: 'ism' condition hyperthryoidism-condition characterized by overactivity of the thryoid gland
suffix: 'iatry' medicine, treatment ie: podiatry-speciality concerned with treatment and conditions of the feet
suffix: 'ician' specialist ie: obsterician: Md who specializes in teh branch of medicine concerned with pergnancy and childbirth
suffix: 'ist' speciailist Ie; hematologist-specialized in treatment of disorders of blood and blood forming tissues
suffix: 'y' condition/process neuropathy-disease condiditon of the nerves
neuropathy diease condition of the nerves (condition-y)
suffix: 'icle' small, minute ie: ventricle-small cavity as of the brain/heart
root: ventr belly ie: ventricle
ventricle small cavity of hte brain/heart ie: icle-small, minute
suffix: 'ole' small, minute ie: arteriole-the smallest of the arteries, minute artery (arteries narrow to form arterioles which branch into capillaries (the smallest blood vessels)
suffix: 'ule' small, minute ie: venule-small vein continuous with a capillary
amastia without a breast (may be the result of a congenital defect, an endocrine disorder or mastectom)
perfix 'a' without ie: aneshesia
prefix: brady slow ie: bradycardia-slow heart rate
dystochia difficult chioldbirth
prefix 'eu' good, normal ie: eupnea-normal breathing (pnea-breathing)
prefix hetero differnet ie: hetrograph-different transplatn
hetograft/xeongraft transplant of tissue from anotehr speciies that is used as a temporary graft in certain cases as in treating a severly burned patient when tissue from the patient or from a tissue bank is not available
prefix homo same homogpraft/allograft-transplatn of tissue obtained rrom a member of the pats own species ie: bone, kidney, lung heart
prefix homeo same ie: homeoplasia-formation fo a new tissue similar to that already existing in part
homeoplasia formation fo a new tissue similar to that already existing in part
prefix mal bad ie: malnutrition
malnutrition refers to any disorder resulting from an inadequate or excessive intake of food
prefix pan all panarthritis-inflamation of all (or many) joints
prefix pseduo false
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
prefix syn/sym union/together/joined ie: syndactylism-condtion of joined fingers/toes
root: dactyl fingers/toes
prefix: tachy rapid ie: tachypnea-rapid breathing
tachypnea rapid breathing
Created by: eatingspinach
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