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Kitchen Utensils

Stack #44176

Used to measure dry ingredients; usually come in a set of 4 measures Dry measuring cups
Used to level off dry ingredients when measuring Straight-edged spatula
Used to remove some ingredients from measuring cup or dish Rubber scraper
Used to measure amounts less than 1/4 cup; usually come in a set of 4 Measuring spoons
Used to measure liquid ingredients; has space at top so liquid will not spill; made of clear glass or plastic; has pour spout Liquid measuring cup
Has long, triangular blade; used to chop and cut vegetables and fruits Chef's knife
Has long, serrated (sawtooth) blade used to cut cake or bread without crushing it Bread knife
Has long, narrow blade; used for trimming fat from meats, removing fins from fish, and deboning chicken Boning knife
Has short blade; used to slice and remove skin from fruits and vegetables Paring knife
Used to remove skin from fruits and vegetables or thinly slice vegetables; its blade floats over food's surface Peeler
Used to protect countertops from getting scratched when food is cut; plastic is easier to clean and does not trap bacteria as much as wood Cutting board
Used to shred and grate vegetables and cheese; usually has at least 2 sizes of holes Grater
Used to snip fresh herbs, remove skin from poultry, and to trim vegetables Kitchen shears
Used to cut cookie and biscuit dough into shapes Cookie cutters
Used to stir food while on the stove; does not scratch pan or get hot Wooden spoon
Used to blend ingredients, whip cream or beat egg whites Wire whisk
Used to cut shortening into tiny pieces that become coated with flour Pastry blender
Adds air to dry ingredients such as flour; can also blend and remove lumps from dry ingredients Sifter
Used to lift and serve sauces, soups, stews, and punches Ladle
Used to turn hamburgers, pancakes, and eggs; also remove foods from a pan or serve pie or cake Spatula
Helps you to turn or lift large pieces of meat; can be used to hold roasted meat in place while carving Kitchen fork
Used to lift and turn foods such as bacon or remove food such as corn-on-the-cob from hot liquids Tongs
Separates food such as noodles from cooking liquid; a bowl with holes Colander
Bowl made of wire screen; separates liquid from solid foods Strainer
Spoon used to remove solid foods from liquid Slotted spoon
Used to flatten dough as in a pie crust Rolling pin
Used to brush foods with a sauce or butter Pastry brush
Used to measure temperature of meats to determine if they are safe to eat Thermometer
Lets air circulate around food quickly after it has been baked Cooling rack
Used to cook foods in liquid on stovetop Saucepan
A small pan that fits tightly on top of a slightly larger pan; food is placed in the top pan and water in the bottom pan; steam gently cooks the food Double boiler
A pan with a wide bottom and low sides; aka frying pan Skillet
A skillet without sides used to grill sandwiches and cook pancakes Griddle
Shaped like a wide bowl; used to fry foods quickly in a very small amount of fat; used in Chinese cooking Wok
A flat metal sheet with a low rim; used for cookies, pizza, to toast bread Cookie sheet
Used to bake cakes or bars; 9" x 13" rectangle or round Cake pan
Small pans connected together; can bake muffins, cupcakes, and rolls Muffin pan
Deep, narrow, and long pan used to bake bread, pound cake, meat loaf Loaf pan
Round and shallow pans with sloping sides; used for pies and quiche Pie pan
Baking dish with high sides; can bake foods and mixture of food Casserole dish
Large pan with low sides and rack inside; used to bake fish, roast meat or poultry Roasting pan
Created by: troxjac