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Abjure to renounce under oath; to recant;to renounce
abrogate to abolish or annul
acumen quickness and keenness of judgement or insight
antebellum belonging to a period before war, especially the American Civil War
auspicious attended by favorable circumstances; marked by success
ab away
iurare to swear
rogare to ask
acuere to sharpen
acus needle
ante before
bellum war
belie to give false representation to; contradict; misrepresent
bellicose warlike or hostile in manner or temperament
chicanery deception by trickery
fr-chicane to deceive
churlish vulgar; having a bad deposition
me, churl rude person
circumlocution the use of unnecassarily wordly and indirect words
circum around
loqui to speak
circumnavigate to proceed completely around
navigate to sail
deciduous shedding foliage at the end of a growing season, falling of or shedding at a specific stage of growth
de down
cadere to fall
deleterious having harmful effect; injurious
diffident shy, timid, lacking self confidence
dis not
fidere to trust
enervate to weaken or destroy the strength or vitality of
ex out of
nervus sinew
enfranchise to free or endow with the rights of citizenship
epiphany a sudden manifestation of the essense or meaning of something
evanescent to vanish or likely to vanish
expurgate ro remove vulgar material from a book before publishing
incontrovertible impossible to argue with; unquestionable
in not
contra against
versus to turn
inculate to teach by frequent instruction or repetition; to indocrtrinate
in on
calcare to trample
infrastructure the basic system or underlying structure of an organization; the physical skeleton of a structure
infra below
struere to construct
interpolate to insert material into a text or insert into a conversation
jejune dull; uninteresting
facetious playfully jocular; HUMOROUS
fatuous foolish or silly
feckless lacking in vitality
fiduciary held in trust; having to do with paper currency
gauche lacking grace or social polish
hemoglobin the iron containing pigment in red blood cells of vertebrate
homogeneous uniform in structure of composition
hubris overbearing pride or arrogance
incognito with one's identity disguised or concealed
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