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Intro Rad Pro 1/2

Intro to Rad Protection chp 1/2

A PT. may elect to assume the relatively small risk of exposure to ionizing radiation to obtain essential diagnostic medical info when: Illness occurs, injury occurs, a specific imaging procedure for health screening purposes is prudent
Effective measures employed by radiation workers to safeguard PT, personnel, and the general public from unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation defines: Radiation protection
Which of the following is a method that can be used to answer PT questions about the amount of radiation received from a radiographic procedure BERT
The term optimization for radiation protection (ORP) is synonymous with the term: As low as reasonably achievable (ALARA)
Which of the following are natural sources of ionizing radiation? Radioactive elements in the crust of the earth and in the human body
An equivalent dose as low as 0.25 Sv (25 rem) delivered to the whole body may cause which of the following within a few days A decrease in the number of lymphocytes in the circulating blood
Created by: Joker71