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Whiskey $3.00
Vodka $3.00
Gin $3.00
Rum $3.00
Tequila $3.00
Sloe Gin $3.00
Puckers $3.00
Red Bull Can $3.00
Habanero Vodka $3.00
Hot Sex $3.00
UV Flavors (5) and Price Apple, Blue, Cherry, Grape, Lemonade $3.00
Amaretto $3.25
Bacardi $3.25
Captain Morgan $3.25
Captain Morgan Silver $3.25
Malibu $3.25
Midori $3.25
Parrot Bay $3.25
San Tropique $3.25
Canadian Club $3.50
Jim Beam $3.50
Jose Cuervo $3.50
Kessler $3.50
McGillicuddy's Vanilla $3.50
McGillicuddy's Lemon $3.50
Seagram's 7 $3.50
Seagram's VO $3.50
Southern Comfort $3.50
Windsor $3.50
Yukon Jack $3.50
Bacardi Flavors (4) and Price Limon, O, Peach, Razz $3.75
Sailor Jerry $3.75
99 Bananas 99 Berries $3.75
Crawford's $4.00
Jack Daniels $4.00
Jameson $4.00
Knob Creek $4.00
Maker's Mark $4.00
Wild Turkey $4.00
Absolut $4.00
Sky $4.00
Smirnoff $4.00
Stoli's $4.00
3 Olives 3 Olives Cherry $4.00
Beefeater $4.00
Bombay Sapphire $4.00
Boodles British $4.00
Tanqueray $4.00
Tanqueray Rangpur $4.00
Myers's Dark $4.00
Black Haus $4.00
Copa (Kahlua) $4.00
Emmets (Bailey's) $4.00
Goldschlager $4.00
Jagermeister $4.00
Rumple Minze $4.00
Sambvca $4.00
Sambvca Black $4.00
Tequila Rose $4.00
Tarantula Tequila $4.00
Firefly Tea $4.00
Chivas Regal $5.50
Crown Royal $4.25
Dewar's $5.00
Glenlivet $5.50
Johnny Walker Black $5.50
Johnny Walker Blue $17.50
Johnny Walker Red $4.75
Belvedere $5.00
Blavod $5.00
Ciroc $5.00
Effen $5.00
Grey Goose $5.00
Ketel One $5.00
Level $5.00
Opulent $5.00
Pravda $5.00
Thor's Hammer $5.00
Ultimat $5.50
Vox $5.00
Quintessential $6.00
Tanqueray #10 $5.00
Bacardi 151 $7.00
Don Julio $5.50
Patron Anejo $5.50
Patron Platinum $17.50
Patron Silver $5.50
1800 $5.50
Cointreau $5.50
Grand Marnier $5.50
Courvoisier $5.50
Hennessy $7.00
Chambord $5.00
Drambuie $5.50
Galliano $5.00
Frangelico $4.25
Hpnotiq $5.50
Lucid Absinthe $9.00
X Rated $5.00
Add Juice + $0.25
Add Red Bull + $1.00
Iggy Juice $2.50
Atomic Cherry $1.00
Frog Sperm $1.00
Kamikaze $1.00
4 Horseman $4.00
Abortion $3.75
Amaretto Sour $3.25
Birthday Cake $4.00
Blow Job $4.00
Cement Mixer $4.00
Cherry Cheesecake $3.75
Chocolate Cake $4.25
Dirty Girl Scout $4.00
Incredible Hulk $7.00
Jolly Rancher $4.00
Lemon Drop $4.00
Liquid Cocaine $4.00
Long Island $4.00
Muff Diver $4.00
Oatmeal Cookie $4.00
Red Headed Slut $4.00
Scooby Snack $4.00
Screwdriver $3.25
Sex on the Beach $4.00
Slippery Nipple $4.00
Soco Lime $3.50
Starry Night $4.00
Tequila Sunrise $3.50
Vegas Bomb $5.00
Washington Apple $4.25
Wet Pussy $5.00
White Russian $4.00
Bomb Pop $4.00
Created by: ernrey101
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