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Stack #43847

chapter 1 gmi

adenitis gland inflammation
adenoma gland tumor
anemia unusable blood cells or a lack of red blood cells, lack of hemaglobin and or iron.
arthralgia joint pain
arthritis joint inflammation
arthrogram joint x--ray, record
arthroscope instrument to actively view joints
arthroscopy process of viewing a joint
autopsy exam of a dead body
biology study of life
carcinoma cancerous tumor
cardiac pertaining to the heart
cardiology study of the heart
cephalic pertaining to the head
cerebral pertaining to the cerebrum
cerebrovascular accident stroke, accident of the blood vessels in the brain
gastrotomy stomach incision
gynecologist one who studies disorder of the female reproductive system
gynecology study of the female
hematoma blood mass
hyperglycemia high blood sugar condition
hyperthyroidism increased thryoid gland production
hypodermic pertainging to below the skin
hypoglycemia low blood sugar conditon
hypothyroidism decreased thyroid gland production
laparoscopy abdominal exam visually
laparotomy abdomen incision
leukemia excessive amount of white blood cells
leukocyte blood white cells
nephrectomy kidney removal
nephrology study of the kidney
nephrosis kidney abnormality
neural pertaining to the nerves
neuralgia nerve pain
neuritis nerve inflammation
neurology study of the nerves
neurotomy nerve incision
oncologist one who studies tumors (cancerous)
osteitis bone inflammation
osteroarthritis bone and joint inflammation
pathologist disease specialist
platelet clotting blood cell thrombocyte
prognosis prediction of the outcome
renal pertainig to the kidney
resection to cut an organ back or away
retrogastric pertaining to behind the stomach
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
rhinotomy incision of the nose
sarcoma flesh tumor
subgastric pertaining to under stomach
subhepatic pertaining to under the liver
thromboscyte clotting blood cell
thrombosis abnormal condition of clotting
transgastric pertaining to across the stomach
transurethral pertaining to through the urethra
cystoscope instrument used tow view the urinary bladder
cystoscopy process of viewing the urinary bladder
cytology study of cells
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermal pertaining to the skin
dermatosis state of skin abnormalities
diagnosis complete knowledge
dysentery painful intestines small
electrocardiaogram record of electricity of the heart
eletroencephalogram record of electricity in the brain
endocrine glands glands that secret within the body
enocrinology study of the endocrine glands
enteritis intestine inflammation
erythrocyte red blood cell
exocrine glands glands that secrete outsid the body
gastrectomy stomach removal
gastric pertaining to the stomach
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
gastroenteritis inflammation of the small instestines
gastroenterology study of (small) intestines stomach
gastroscope instument used to view the stomach
gastroscopy process of viewing the stomach
aden/o gland
arthr/o joint
bio life
carcino cancer
cardio heart
cephalo head
cerebro cerbrum
cysto uinary bladder
cyto cell
dermato skin
electro electricity
encephalo brain
entero intestines
erythro red
gastro stomach
glyco sugar
gnoso knowledge
gyneco women
cyto cell
dermato skin
electro electricity
encephalo brain
entero intestines
erythro red
gastro stomach
glyco sugar
gnoso knowledge
gyneco women
hemato, hemo blood
hepato liver
laparo abdomen
leuko white
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
onco tumor
ophthalmo eye
osteo bone
patho disease
psycho mind
rhino nose
sarco flesh
thrombo clot
-al, -ic pertaining to
-algia pain
-cyte cell
-ectomy removal
-emia blood condition
-globin protein
-ism pertaining to
-itis inflammation of
-logist study of
-oma tumor,mass
-opsy to view
-osis abnormal condition
-scope instrument used to view
-scope process of viewing looking at
-sis state of
-tomy insision, cut into
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