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Chapter 4 Pacs


Backing Layer Soft Polymer that protects the back of the cassette
Barcode Label label atached either to the cassette or to the imaging place that identifies the plate for the purpose of matching the examination to the plate
Barium Fluorohalide photostimulate phosphor located in the imaging plate
Cassette rigid plastic housing for the imaging plates
Color Layer (Phosphor Center) Area within the conductive layter where electrons are trapped
Conductive Layer Layer of material that will absorb and reduces static electrcity
Imaging Plate thin piece of plastic with several layers of material that capture and store image data
Laser amplifiction of stimulated emission of radiation, a device that creates and amplifies a narrow, intense beam of coherent light
Photomultiplier electronic device that amplifies light energy
Photostimulable Phosphor phosphor that produces light when stimulated by light or xray photons
Photostimulable Luminescence (PSL) Light produced by a phosphor when struck by light or x-ray photons
Protective Layer very thin, tough, clear plastic covering in the imaging pate for protection of the phosphor layers
Raster zigzag electron scanning pattern
Reflective Layer layer in the imaging plate that sends light in a forward direction when released in the cassette reader, this may be black or reudce the spread of stimulating light and the escape of emitted light, some detail maybe lost
Speed determined by the size of the crustals in films and screens, or the reflection of the amount of photostimulable luminesences given off by the imaging plate while being scanned by the laser
Support Layer semirigid material in the imaging plate that gives the imaging sheet some strength
Phosphor Layer later of photostimulable phosphor that traps electrons during expsosure, usually made of phosphors from the barium fluorohalide family
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