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Chapter 3 Pacs

Digital Radiography & PACS

Bus Topology type of network setup in which each of the computers and network devices are connected to a single cable
Client-Based Network is a centralized computer that controls the operations of the network,the server processes that resource as requested by the client and return only the result back to the cient
Coaxial Cable network Communication medium that is similar to TV cable wiring
Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine (DICOM) a global information technology standard that allows network communication btween modality and PACS
Fiberoptic Cable network communication medium that uses glass threads to transmit data on the network in the form of light
Health Level-7 (HL-7) standard protocol used for medical data systems
Hospital Information System information system used throughout the hospital, include direct patient care inforamtion, billing systems, and reporting system
Local Area Network (LAN) Small area networked with a series of cable or wireless access points so that the computer can share information and devices on the same network
Mesh Topology Network that has multiple pathway interconnecting devices and networks
Network 2 or more object sharing resources and inforamtions, interconnected computer, terminals, and servers connected by communication channel sharing data and program resources
Network Bridge created so that larger networks can be segmentd or broken up into smaller networks to reduce traffic within that network
Network Hub central meeting point where cables from several devices can come together n share information throughout the group. simple boxlike deivce with several wires port aviable to recieve n pass on data to various pieces of equipment,
Network Interface Card (NIC) interface between the computer and the network medium
Network Protocol agreed on set of rules for network communication
Network Router device that can read portions of the messages and direct them to their intended target, even if the device is on a seperate network and useds a different network protocol
Network Switch similar to a hub but it sends data only to those devices to which the data are directed
Peer to Peer Switch each computer on the network is considered equal; no computer has ultimate control over another
Radiology Information System inforation system used in RT department for ordering examination and reportinf results
Ring Topology network in which the devices are connected in a circle
Server computer that manages resources for other computers, servers, and network devices
Server Based network centerlized computer server that controls the operation, files, and sometime the programs of the computer(clients) attached to the network
Star Topology network that has the devices connected to a central hub or switch
Thick Client computer that can work indpendently from the network and can process and manage its own files
Thin Client device that is found on a network that request services and resources from a server
Topology physical geometric layout of the connected devices on a network
Twisted Pair Wire network commincation medium that consists of four twised pairs of copper wire that are insulated and bundled together with a RJ-45 termination
Wide Area network (WAN) network that spams a large area, city, state, nation, continent and world
Wireless network commincation medium that used either infrared or radio frequencies as its mean of communication
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