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Improve study skills

A plan to improve my study skills

How can I incorporate my VARK results into my notetaking? When I read or learn something new I will try to make a chart, diagram or powerpoint.
According to my time management worksheet, where do I need improvement and what can I change? According to my time worksheet I am slightly overscheduled. I could save time by asking my wife to help me with my caregiving responsibilities and spending less time on the television and more time on my school work.
According to the 5 tips given by Kaplan, which goes along with my VARK study tips? I think that getting rid of stuff, would go along with the VARK study tips because it will help me focus on what needs to be done school wise.
According to the 5 tips given by Kaplan, which tips do I already use? I think that I already try to incorporate tip one "complete task right away". I like to have my school work caught up or even ahead because I never know what my work week is going to look like.
What is the importance of having both a weekly and daily planner? I think the daily planner helps keep you on track during the day, but the weekly planner gives you an overall goal for entire week. If you dont finish something on your daily planner you can move it to the next day as long as you finish at that week.
What keys to success have you not thought of before? I did not realize how important taking time for me was to my success as a student.
Which keys to success made sense to you? All of the keys to success made sense to me, but some of them surprised me in how important they were to my success.
How will you incorporate the keys to success into your success plan? I am going to try and plan out my days, while remembering to leave time for the unexpected and ask for help when I need it.
What examples for my life depict the connection between time management and stress? And what could I do different? I have a 2 month old and a 3 year old and I own my own business. All of this can cause stress and make it hard to juggle my time. I hope that I can change by getting help and using my free time wisely.
Created by: timothykincaid
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