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210 drugz

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Tenormin/ Beta Blocker atenolol/ Angina and HTN
Pravachol/ HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor pravastatin/ Hypercholesterolemia
Plavix/ Blodd Clots clopidogrel/ Platelet aggregation
Lotensin/ ACE inhibitor benazepril/ HTN
Catapres/ Alfa- agonist/ Anti-adrenergic Agents clonidine/ HTN
Coreg/ Beta Blockers carvedilol/ HTN Heart Failure
Hytrin/ a1-blocker terazosin/ HTN and BPH
Zetia/ cholesterol absorption inhibitor ezetimibe/ High Cholesterol
Mevacor/ HMG-CoA reductase Inhibitor lovastatin/ hypercholesterolemia
Loniten;Rogaine/ vasodilator minoxidil/HTN and baldness
Lasix/ loop diuretic furosemide/ edema and HTN
Prinivil;Zestril/ ACE Inhibitor lisinopril/ HTN and CHF
Dyazide/ Diuretic Combinations or Antihypertensive Combinations hydrochlorothiazide + triamterene/ edema and HTN
Accupril/ ACE inhibitor quinapril/ HTN and heart failure
Altace/ ACE inhibitor ramipril/ HTN and CHF
Lanoxin;Digitek/ antiarrhythmic digoxin/ CHF and Atrial Fibrillation
Imdur/ Nitrate isosorbide mononitrate/ Angina
Tricor/ Antihyperlipidemic fenofibrate/ High Cholesterol or high triglycerides
Lopid/ Fibric acid Derivatives gemfibrozil/ High Cholesterol and triglycerides
Cardura/ a1-blocker doxazosin/ HTN and BPH
Lipitor/ HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor atorvastatin/ high cholesterol
Microzide/ Thiazide Diuretics hydrochlorothiazide/ edema and HTN
Norvasc/ Calcium Channel Blocker amlodipine/ HTN and Agina
Zocor/ HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor simvastatin/ Hypercholesterolemia
Lopressor/ B-Blocker metoprolol/ Angina and HTN
Coumadin/ Anticoagulant warfarin/ Blood Clots or Venus Thrombosis
Vasotec/ ACE inhibitor enalapril/ HTN and CHF
Lotrel/ CCB and ACE inhibitor amlodipine + benazepril/ HTN
Diovan/ Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker valsartan/ HTN and CHF
Cozaar/ ARB losartan/ HTN
Zithromax/ antibiotic azithromycin/ infections caused by bacteria
Diflucan/ Antifungal fluconazole/ Infections caused by fungus
Bactrim DS/ Antibiotic sulfamethoxazole + trimetoprim/ Infections caused by bacteria
Valtrex/ Antiviral valacyclovir/ Herpes virus, genital herpes, cold sores and shingles
Omnicef/ Antibiotic cefdinir/ Infections caused by bacteria
Lamisil/ Antifungal terbinafine/ Fungus in fingernails and toes
Cefzil/ Antibiotic cefprozil/ Bacterial Infections
Macrobid/ Antibiotic nitrofurantoin/ UTI
Cortisporin/ Steroid Antibiotic neomycin + polymixin B + hydrocortisone/ Bacterial infections
Cleocin/ Antibiotic clindamycin/ Infections
Augmentin/ Antibiotic (from penicillin) amoxicillin + clavulanate/ Infections
Veetids/ Antibiotic penicillin/ Infections
Vibramycin/ tetracycline doxycycline/ Infections
Elidel/ immunomodulator pimecrolimus/ Severe atopic dermatitis
Symmetrel/ Antiviral or Dopamine Agonist amantadine/ Influenza or Parkinson's Disease
Sumycin/ Antibiotic (tetracycline) tetracycline/ infections
Cipro/ Antibiotic ciprofloxacin/ Bacterial infections
Biaxin/ Antibiotic clarithromycin/ infections
Vancocin/ Antibiotic vancomycin/ infections
Kwell/ Pediculicide lindane/ lices
Keflex/ Antibiotic cephalexin/ Bacterial Infections
Levaquin/ Antibiotic levofloxacin/ Bacterial Infections
Trimox/ Antibiotic amoxicillin/ Bacterial Infections
Minocin/ Antibiotic minocycline/ Bacterial infections
Flagyl/ Antiprotozoal metronidazole/ Bacterial Infections
Zyvox/ Antibiotic linezolid/ VRA and MRSA, bacterial infections
Bactroban/ Antibiotic mupirocin/ MRSA, bacterial infections (nasal infections)
Lotrisone/ Antifungal betamethasone + clotrimazole topical/ Fungal infections
Pyridium/ Urinary Tract analgesic phenazopyridine/ doesn't treat infection only treats the pain
Zovirax/ Antiviral acyclovir/ Herpes,shingles,and chicken pox
Ambien/ Sedatives and Hypnotics C-IV zolpidem/ Insomnia
Valium/ Sedatives and Hypnotics C-IV diazepam/ Anxiety
Ultram/ Analgesics tramadol/ Moderate to severe pain
Endocet; Roxicet/ Opioid + Analgesic C-II acetaminophen + oxycodone/ Moderate to severe pain
Adderall/ CNS stimulant C-II amphetamine sulfate/ ADD and ADHD and Narcolepsy
Depakote/ Anticonvulsant divalproex sodium or valproic acid/ Seizures
Strattera/ Antipsychotic atomoxetine/ ADHD
Duragesic/ Narcotic Analgesics C-II fentanyl/ Moderate to severe pain
Celebrex/ NSAID (Cox-2 inhibitor) celecoxib/ Pain or inflammation
Darvocet/ Opioid analgesic or Narcotic analgesic C-IV propoxyphene + APAP/ Mild to moderate pain w/ or w/out fever
Tylenol #3/ Opioid analgesic C-III acetaminophen + codeine/ Moderate to severe pain
Prozac/ SSRI fluoxetine/ Depression, bulimia, OCD and panic disorder
Zoloft/ SSRI sertraline/ Depression, OCD, Panic disorder, anxiety, and PTSD
Klonopin/ Antianxiety and Anticonvulsants C-IV clonazepam/ Seizures or Panic Disorder
Feldene/ NSAID piroxicam/ pain or inflammation
Neurontin/ antiepileptic or anticonvulsant gabapentin/ Seizures caused by epilepsy
Ritalin;Concerta;Metadate/ CNS Stimulant C-II methylphenidate/ ADD and ADHD
Seroquel/ Antipsychotic quetiapine/ Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder
Skelaxin/ skeletal muscle relaxant metaxalone/ pain or injury in skeletal muscle
Voltaren/ NSAID diclofenac sodium/ Pain or Inflammation
Bayer/ Salicylates OTC aspirin/ Pain, fever and inflammation
Oxy-10/ Topical Anti-infective OTC benzoyl peroxide topical/ Acne
Afrin/ Decongestant OTC oxymetazoline/ Congestion
Dramamine/ Antiemetic OTC dimenhydrinate/ Nausea, vomiting, dizziness and vertigo
Senokot/ Laxative OTC senna/ Constipation
Nasalcrom/ Decongestant OTC cromolyn sodium/ allergies
Colace/ Stool Softner OTC docusate sodium/ constipation
Robitussin;Mucinex/ Expectorant OTC guaifenesin/ Chest congestion, cold or allergies
Tylenol/ Analgesic OTC acetaminophen/ Pain and fever
Advil;Motrin/ NSAID OTC ibuprofen/ Pain and inflammation
Sudafed/ Decongestant OTC pseudoephedrine/ Congestion
Claritin/ Antihistamine OTC loratadine/ Allergies
Gas-X/ Antiflatulant OTC simethicone/ Gas
Cortaid/ Topical Steroids OTC hydrocortisone/ Inflammation
Unisom/ sedative OTC doxylamine/ Sleep problem
Pepto-Bismol/ Antidiarrheals OTC bismuth subsalicylate/ Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
Naprosyn;Aleve/ NSAID OTC naproxen/ Pain or inflammation
Polysporin/ Topical antibiotic OTC bacitracin + polymyxin B Topical/ prevents infections
Orajel/ Topical anesthetics OTC benzocaine/ irritation
Nix/ Pediculicide OTC permethrin/ lice and scabies
Chlor-Trimeton/ Antihistamine OTC chlorpheniramine/ allergies
Naphcon/ Ophthalmic Decongestant OTC naphazoline/ Relieves redness, burning and irritation of eyes
Benadryl/ Antihistamine or Hypnotic OTC diphenhydramine/ Allergies and induce sleep
Compound-W/ Keratolytic OTC salicylic acid topical/ warts
Citrucel/ Laxative OTC methylcellulose/ constipation
Bengay;Icy Hot/ Analgesic OTC methyl salicylate or menthol/ Aches in muscle joints
Imodium/ Antidiarrheals OTC loperamide/ Diarrhea
Vicks 44/ Antitussive OTC dextromethorphan/ Cough
Sudafed-PE/ decongestant OTC phenylephrine/ congestion
Tums/ Antacids OTC calcium carbonate/ calcium deficiencies and heart burn
Lexapro/ SSRI escitalopram/ anxiety and major depressive disorder
Singulair/ Leukotriene Inhibitor montelukast/ Asthma and Allergy
Coreg/ Beta Blocker carvedilol/ HTN and Heart Failure
AcipHex/ Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) rabeprazole/ GERD
Cymbalta/ SSNRI Antidepressants duloxetine/ Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder
Benicar/ ARB olmesartan/ HTN
Relafen/ NSAIDs nabumetone/ Pain and Inflammation
Methadose;Dolophine/ Narcotic Analgesics C-II methadone/ Pain
Sinemet/ Antiparkinson Agents carbidopa + levodopa/ Parkinson's Disease
Aricept/ ACh inhibitors (acetylcholinesterase inhibitors) donepezil/ Alzheimer's Disease
Proventil/ Bronchodilators albuterol/ Bronchospasms and Asthma
Prevacid/ PPI lansoprazole/ Ulcers, esophagitis, GERD and Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
Allegra/ Antihistamine fexofenadine/ Allergies
Crestor/ HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor rosuvastatin/ High Cholesterol
Flonase/ Nasal Steroids fluticasone nasal/ Allergies
Zantac/ Gastrointestinal Blockers ranitidine/ GERD
Clarinex/ Antihistamine desloratadine/ Allergies
Lunesta/ Sedatives and Hypnotics C-IV eszopiclone/ Insomnia
Medrol/ Glucocorticoid methylprednisolone/ Allergic Disorders and skin conditions
Pepcid/ Histamine 2 Blockers or GI agents famotidine/ GERD
Deltasone/ Glucocorticoid prednisone/ Inflammation, allergies and skin conditions
Nexium/ PPI esomeprazole/ GERD, H. Pylori
Zyrtec/ Antihistamines OTC and RX cetirizine/ Allergies
Zyloprim/ Metabolic Agents allopurinol/ Kidney stones
Flovent/ Inhaled corticosteroids fluticasone/ Asthma
Rhinocort/ Nasal Steroids budesonide nasal/ Allergies and congestion
Combivent/ Bronchodilators combination albuterol ipratropium/ Bronchospasms with people with COPD
Nasacort/ Nasal Steroids triamcinolone acetonide/ Seasonal Allergies
Miralax/ Laxatives polyethylene glycol 3350/ Constipation
Tessalon/ Antitussive benzonatate/ Cough
Florinef/ Steroids fludrocortisone/ Addison's Disease
Demadex/ Loop Diuretic torsemide/ Edema and CHF
Propylthiouracil/ Thyroid Drugs propylthiouracil/ Hyperthyroidism
Tapazole/ Thyroid Drugs methimazole/ Hyperthyroidism
Zaroxolyn/ Thiazide Diuretic metolazone/ Edema and HTN
Evista/ SERM raloxifene/ Osteoporosis
Estrace/ Estrogens estradiol/ Menopause
Lantus/ Antidiabetic Agents insulin glargine/ Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
Zofran/ Antiemetic and Antivertigo Agents ondansetron/ Nausea and Vomiting
Imodium/ Antidiarrheals loperamide/ Diarrhea
Synthroid;Levoxyl/ Hormones and Thyroid Drugs levothyroxine/ Hypothyroidism
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