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The Giver

Vocabulary and Character Lists Post Test

The protagonist, is an eleven year-old boy at the beginning of the book. Jonas
Known in the community as the Receiver of Memory, already knows what Jonas will discover. The Giver
Nurturer, a job that fits his personality. He cares for infants in their first year of life. He, like the rest of the community, has no memories. Jonas's father
does what is required of her in her assigned job and in her role as mother to Jonas and Lily. Jonas's mother
Jonas’s sister, is a Seven when Jonas is an Eleven. Lily
Is one of the babies that Jonas’s father nurtures. The other babies that Jonas’s father nurtures do not have names yet. Gabriel
Jonas’s best friend. Asher
Is Jonas’s friend. She has red hair. Fiona
Is an old woman in the House of the Old. She looks forward to her Release. Larissa
(n.): established procedures for a ceremony, especially religious syn: ceremonies; rites ant: single spontaneous occurrence 4) rituals (n.): established procedures for a ceremony, especially religious syn: ceremonies; rites ant: single spontaneous occurrence
(n.):activity that is relaxing or fun syn: amusement; entertainment ant: work recreation
(n.): harsh criticism syn: punish; rebuke ant: praise; reward chastisement
(n.): a shelter used for long time living syn: house; home ant: outside (?); unfamiliar place dwelling
(n.): an act of breaking a rule or law syn: offense ant: obey infraction
(v.): to let go of or give up syn: surrender; release ant: keep relinquish
(n.): something you have gotten syn: possession ant: surrendered acquisition
(n.): breaking a rule; committing a crime syn: trespass; sin ant: comply; go along with transgressions
(adj.): extremely painful or distressing syn: agonizing ant: pleasant excruciating
(adj.): noticeable; easily seen syn: obvious ant: hidden; unobtrusive conspicuous
(adj.): irritable; inclined to worry anxiously syn: fussy; anxious ant: happy; content fretful
(adj.): without color syn: white; bare ant: colorful hueless
(adj.): indicating (or threatening) future unpleasantness; sinister; foreboding syn: threatening; foreboding ant: welcoming ominous
(n.): living or being by oneself syn: alone; isolated ant: with others; not alone solitude
(adj.): penetrated throughout; spread or seeped through syn: infiltrated; soaked ant: isolated permeated
(adj.):having low spirits; dejected syn: discouraged; disheartened ant: thrilled; exuberant dejected
(adj.): filled with great surprise or amazement syn: dumbfounded; stunned ant: knowing; unimpressed astonished
(n.): a device used to transport people or things syn: car; transportation ant: feet vehicle
(adv.): done secretly or covertly syn: sneakily; furtively ant: brashly; loudly stealthily
(adj.): difficult to detect or define syn: elusive; imperceptible ant: harsh; obvious subtle
(n.):dullness of spirit; a lack of energy with drowsiness syn: apathy; listlessness ant: hyper; energetic lethargy
Created by: SZimmer
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