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unit 10-15 level F

sadlier-oxford vocab words unit 10 - unit 15

to clear from blame,responsibility, or guilt absolve
a representation (especially in a drawing) in which the subject's characteristic features are deliberately exaggerated caricature
a loud ringing sound clangor
side by side, touching; near; adjacent in time contiguous
an eager desire for something; greed cupidity
harmful, injurious deleterious
to raise to a higher degree; to increase the value or desirability of enhance
to grow or accumulate over time; to happen as a natural result accrue
a critical or explanatory note or comment, especially for a literary work annotation
implied or understood though unexpressed; without doubts or reservations, unquestioning implicit
sharp, keen, penetrating (with a suggestion of decisiveness and effectiveness) incisive
a state or scene of uproar and confusion bedlam
hidden, disguised, purposefully kept secret; sheltered, secluded covert
to restate in other words paraphrase
prudent, shrewdly conceived and developed; artful, expedient politic
pleasant, couteous, lighthearted; smoothand polished in manner and appearance debonair
extra, excess, more than is needed; wordy, repetitive redundant
making a show of virtue or righteousness; hypocritically moralistic, self-righteous sanctimonious
sparkling, twinkling, exceptionally brilliant (applied to mental or personal qualities) scintillating
charming, attractive, pleasing (often suggesting a childlike charm and innocence) winsome
to encourage, assist, aid, support (especially in something wrong or unworthy) abet
to demand insistently, especially in payment of a debt dun
noisy in a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicuous especially in an unfavorable sense blatant
to bring up or begin to talk about (a subject); to announce, introduce; to break the surface of the water broach
to support, prop up, strengthen buttress
effective, producing results efficacious
to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities, ect.; to arrange in order for some specific purpose collate
an expert; one who is well qualified to pass critical judgments, especially in one of the fine arts connoisseur
deeply unhappy or dejected; without hope, beyond consolation disconsolate
to weigh down or burden; to fill up, block up, hinder encumber
to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to foment
frightful, horrible, ghastly grisly
(H) relating to Hercules; (h) characterized by great strength herculean
calmness, composure, refusal to panic equanimity
accidental, occurring by a happy chance fortuitous
unquestionable, beyond dispute incontrovertible
puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss nonplussed
suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occurring at an appropriate time opportune
abundantly productive; abundant, profuse prolific
the essential part, main point, or essence gist
willing to follow advice or authority, submissive; responsive; liable to be held responsible amenable
to scold sharply berate
large-scale slaughter or loss of life carnage
too ready to believe, easily deceived credulous
a rule, test; a standard for judgement or evaluation criterion
to use up as a result of spending or consumption; to diminish greatly deplete
to expand on, write or talk at length or in detail; to move about freely expatiate
coming from the outside,foreign; present but not essential, irrelevant extraneous
the beginning, start, earliest stage of some process inception
a weakness or ailment infirmity
lacking in nutritive value; lackingin interest or substance; immature, juvenile jejune
stubborn, unyielding obdurate
a collection of diverse or miscellaneous items; a general mixture; petals mixed with spices for sent potpourri
showing a unusually early development (especially in talants and mental capacity) precocious
delighting in cruelty, excessively cruel sadistic
self-righteous, characterized by moralizing; saying much in few words sententious
to beg earnestly and humbly supplicate
an excessor overindulgence, as in eating and drinking, cause disgust surfeit
winding, twisted, crooked; highly involved, complex; devious tortuous
swollen, bloated, filled to excess; overdecorated or excessive in language turgid
firm in purpose or opinion, unyielding, obdurate, implacable, inflexible adamant
a confused hodgepodge of sound, hubbub; an uproar or commotion that goes far beyond what is justified brouhaha
a strong defense or prootection, a solid wall-like structurefor defense bulwark
easily made angry, bad-tempered choleric
to spoil or destroy an appetite by too much indulgence, especially in sweet or rich things cloy
to cut short, bring to a halt or end sooner than expected; to reduce curtail
courteous yielding to the wishes and ideas of another person deference
conclusive, fail,representing the limit of what can be done definitive
the way a person behaves, overall impression made by comportment, manner demeanor
puzzling, perplexing, inexlicable, not easily understood enigmatic
without preparation, offhand, suddenly or hastily impromptu
excessively and objectionably sentimental; having a mildly sickening flavor mawkish
to soften, make gentle, pacify; to calm, to reduce in intensity mollify
something that is heavy or burdensome onus
a vague sense of approaching misfortune presentiment
given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral; recklessly extravagant profligate
to send or hand in (money); forgive, pardon; to lessen, diminish remit
needed, necessary, regarded as essential or indispensable requisite
of or pertaining to a tailor or his work; having to do with clothes or dress (especially men's) sartorial
to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate thwart
showing great variety; composed of different elements or many colors montley
extremely generous, lavish munificent
to delay, put off until later procrastinate
a depraved, vicious, or unprincipled person, scoundrel reprobate
characterized by or calling for continued sitting; remaining in one place sedentary
moderate, sparing (as in eating and drinking); characterized by abstinence and self-discipline abstemious
deserving of blame or correction censurable
likely but not certain to happen, possible; dependent on uncertain events or conditions; happening by chance contingent
an inhabitant, resident; one who frequents denizen
passing aimlessly from one place or subject to another, rambling, roving, nomadic discursive
poorly dressed, shabby; lacking smartness and good taste dowdy
to impose by fraud; to pass off as worthy or genuine; to bring about by stealth, dishonesty foist
awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy gauche
an opinion different from accepted belief; the denial of an idea that is generally held sacred heresy
to impress on the mind by repetition, teach persistently and earnestly inculcate
capable of being touched or felt; easily seen, heard, or recognized palpable
having sympathetic insight or understanding, capable of keen appreciation perceptive
extremely harmful; deadly, fatal pernicious
to satisfy completely; to fill to excess satiate
to make or become dry and withered; to char or scorch the surface of; to harden or make unfeeling sear
Created by: c.lawrence
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