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1st quarter asian

Geography notes for Franklin Acdemy NC

peninsula Land surrounded by three sides/
isthmus narow strip of land connecting larger strips of land
archipelago a chain of islands
gulf an area of water apartially enclosed by land
archeology the study of artifacts
occupied land conqured by another country
tectonic plates large blocks of rock underneath earth's surface
distribution map shows the location density people crops etc.
arable suitable for farming
elevation hight above sea level
Political Map shows manmade boudaries
civilization a society with government with culture and written records
artifacts the remains of human's work
percipitation rain sleet show hail
meteoroligist scientists that study weather
subsistencial farming small-scale family agricutre
climate weather in a place for a long time
Subcontinent A continent under a nother continent
Monsoon Seasonal winds that bring heavy rains
Tropics Region between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn
Strait A narrow passage of h2o connecting two larger bodies of water
Created by: treenafairy8