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penn foster

what kind of stretch is a thorough torso twist dynamic
what type of stretching is most likely to cause injury ballistic
What is PNF proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
how many inches can adults lose in lower-back and hip flexibility during working years two to three
range of motion refers to capability of every part of the body to stretch and flex
stretches mean are the"exercises" that helps you to preserve or improve your flexibility
dynamic involving motion
static done while standing or sitting still with no movement
what if a client argues that they dont have time to do a flexibility workout studies have shown that as little as 5 min a day can be beneficial
benefits of increased flexibility with out it muscles and tendons will shorten and become tight..
ballistic stretching uses the momentum or force of the body..jumping rope or jumping up and down on toes
dynamic stretching involves moving parts of the body and gradually increasing reach or speed or both
eg. of dynamic slow controlled leg swings,arm swings, or torso twists done in sets of 8 to 10reps
active stretching assume a position and then hold it with no assistance other than using the strength of the agonist muscles
example of active stretch lying on your back and bringing your leg up high and then holding it there on its own
start notes on pg 9 of flex book ok
why should you vary you exercise routine strengthening opposing muscle groups will reduce injury
what are some causes of exercise-related injury /
who has the most injuries people with the least amount of training
how to lessen the chance of injury while being a runner add some walking,wear proper shoes,run on smooth and soft surfaces ,
eustress necessary stress such as finding a new route to work or getting to work on time
if we view things as manageable our bodies wont overreact or react in a negative way
regular exercise reduces the amount of adrenal hormone
Created by: carolyn495