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Topographical terms

topographic map a map that shows the surface features of the earth, both natural (rivers/hills) and man-made (buildings/roads)
topography surface features of the earth
elevation height above sea level measured at mean sea level
mean sea level point midway between the highest and lowest tide levels of the ocean. The elevation at ___________ is zero. Other elevations are measured above and below this.
contour lines lines on a topographic map that show elevation. one __________ connects all points on the map that have the same elevation.
contour interval the space between two contour lines. This space shows the difference in elevation between one line and the next.
relief the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of the area being mapped.
USGS United States Geographical Survey - Branch of the U.S. federal government responsible for making topographical maps for the entire United States
legend a list of symbols describing items found on a map
direction latitude and longitude is used to find this on a topological map.
index contours the dark lines on a topographical map; usually every fifth contour line
depression contours contour lines that form closed loops with straight lines drawn along the inside of the loop pointing toward the center. These loops indicate a sunken area such as a crater or low place.
steep slopes are indicated by... contour lines that are very close together
contour lines that are far apart relatively level land is indicated by these...
V-shaped a valley is indicated by contour lines that are this...
Rivers these always flow from areas of higher elevation to areas of lower elevation.
On a USGS topographical map, 1-inch equals.... 2,000 ft.
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