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MCRT- Aersol Therapy

Key Terms

aerosol suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gas
aerosol output weight or mass of aerosol particles produced by nebulizer per unit time or volume
aging (aerosol) the process in which aerosol particles change size due to evaporation or hygroscopic properties
atomizer device that produces an aerosol suspension of liquid particles without using baffles to control particle size
baffle surface in a nebulizer designed specifically to cause infection of large aerosol particles, causing either further fragmentation or removal from the suspension via condensation back into the reservoir
breath actuated nebulizer aerosol device that is responsive to the patient’s inspiratory effort and reduces or eliminates aerosol generation during exhalation
breath enhanced nebulizer nebulizers that entrain air through the nebulizer during inspiration
chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) propellants such as freon that were once used to power MDIs
deposition refers to the amount of medication that is deposited onto the airways
emitted dose mass of drug leaving the mouthpiece of the nebulizer or inhaler as aerosol
fine particle fraction the portion of the drug mass in particles that are small enough to reach the lower respiratory tract
geometric standard deviation (GSD) the variability of particle sizes in an aerosol distribution set at one standard deviation above or below with the median
heterodisperse referring to an aerosol consisting of particles of varying diameters in sizes
hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) The new, more environmental friendly propellant for MDIs
hygroscopic attracting or absorbing moisture from the air
inertial impaction deposition of particles by collision with a surface; the primary mechanism for pulmonary deposition of particles over 5 mm in diameter
inhaled mass the amount of drug inhaled
mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) method used to describe aerosol particle size
nebulizer device that produces an aerosol suspension of what would particles in a gaseous medium using baffling to control particle size
propellant something that propels, provides thrust, as a propellant in a metered dose inhaler
residual drug volume medication that remains in a small volume nebulizer after the device is no longer producing mist
respirable mass proportion of aerosol drug of the proper particle size to reach the lower respiratory tract
scintigraphy the method used to measure the distribution of a drug utilizing radioactive tags
sedimentation primary mechanism for deposition of particles 1 to 5 mm in diameter in the Central Airways, when particles slow and settle out of suspension
therapeutic index difference between the minimum therapeutic and minimum toxic concentrations of a drug
volume median diameter expresses average particle size for laser diffraction
monodisperse referring to an aerosol in which particles are of uniform size
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