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PHM1000 De More4.2

PHM1000 Pharmacy Technician - Chapter 4 (Part 2) Prefix/Suffix De More

a prefix; without
ambi prefix; both
an prefix; without
ante prefix; before
anti prefix; against
bi prefix; two or both
brady prefix; slow
chlor prefix; green
circum prefix; around
cirrh prefix; yellow
con prefix; with
contra prefix; against
cyan prefix; blue
dia prefix; across or through
dis prefix; separate or apart
dys prefix; painful, difficult
ec prefix; away or out
ecto prefix; outside
endo prefix; within
epi prefix; upon
erthyr prefix; red
eu prefix; good or normal
exo prefix; outside
hemi prefix; half
heter prefix; different
hyper prefix; above or excessive
hypo prefix; below or deficient
im prefix; not
immun prefix; safe or protected
in prefix; not
infra prefix; below or under
inter prefix; between
intra prefix; within
iso prefix; equal
leuk prefix; white
macro prefix; large
medi prefix; middle
melan prefix; black
meso prefix; middle
meta prefix; beyond, after, changing
micro prefix; small
mid prefix; middle
mono prefix; one
multi prefix; many
neo prefix; new
pan prefix; all
para prefix; along side of or abnormal
peri prefix; around
polio prefix; gray
poly prefix; many
post prefix; after
pre/pro prefix; before
pseudo prefix; false
purpur prefix; purple
quadri prefix; four
re prefix; again or back
retro prefix; after
rube prefix; red
semi prefix; half
sub prefix; below or under
super/supra prefix; above or excessive
sym/syn prefix; with
tachy prefix; fast
trans prefix; across, through
tri prefix; three
ultra prefix; beyond or excessive
uni prefix; one
xanth prefix; yellow
xer prefix; dry
ac/al/ar/ary pertaining to
algia pain
asthenia without strength
cele pouching or hernia
cyesis pregnancy
cynia pain
eal pertaining to
ectasis expansion or dilation
ectomy removal
emia blood condition
genic origin or production
gram record
graph recording instrument
graphy recording process
ia condition of
iasis condition, formation of
iatry treatment
ic pertaining to
icle small
ism condition of
itis inflammation
ium tissue or structure
lith stone, calculus
logy study of
lysis breaking down
malacia softening
megaly enlargement
meter measuring instrument
metry measuring process
mycosis fungal infection
oid resembling
ole small
oma tumor
opia/opsia vision
ous pertaining to
paresis partial paralysis
pathy disease
penia decrease
phagia swallowing
philia attraction
phobia fear
plasia formation
plasty surgical repair
plegia paralysis, stroke
rrhage burst forth
sclerosis narrowing, constriction
scope/scopy instrument for examination/examination
spasm involuntary contraction
stasis stop or stand
tic pertaining to
tocia childbirth, labor
tomy incision
toxic poison
tropic stimulation
ula/ule small
y condition, process of
Created by: MrsAFlaherty



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