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Spesa / Groceries

"Fare la spesa" vocabulary for grocery shopping in Italian

acqua water
burro butter
margarina margarine
budino pudding
maiz corn
pane bread
pane a fette sliced bread
un etto 100 grams
testa di lattuga head of lettuce
vaschetta di fragole basket of strawberries
busta / sacchetto di plastica plastic shopping bag
fare la spesa to go grocery shopping
il resto change
contanti cash
Bancomat ATM card
cassa cashier / checkout
biscotti cookies
cereali cereal
latte milk
latte intero whole milk
latte parzialmente scremato part-skim milk
panna cream
farina 00 fine flour (for making desserts)
farina 0 coarser flour, for breads and savory dishes
zucchero a velo powdered sugar
sale fino fine salt, for cooking
sale grosso coarse salt, for salting pasta water, etc.
basilico basil
origano oregano
lievito yeast / leavening
caffè coffee
thé tea
tisana herbal tea / tisane
manzo beef
suino / maiale pork
pollo chicken
petti di pollo chicken breasts
filetto fillet
cassa case (as in large package)
scatola box
confezione package
etichetta label
offerta special offer / sale
sconto discount
anziché instead of
gelato ice cream
ghiacciolo popsicle
mazzo bunch / bouquet
carrello (shopping) cart
fila line /queue
prima first
ultima last
chiusa closed
aperta open
spiccioli / monete small change (coins)
detersivo detergent
sapone soap
bagnoschiuma bubble bath / bath gel
ammorbidente softener
ghiaccio ice
prosciutto crudo prosciutto
prosciutto cotto ham
arrosto roast
funghi mushrooms
melanzana eggplant
insalata salad / lettuce
pomodori tomatoes
pomodorini cherry tomatoes
cetriolo cucumber
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