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Nomi / Names (f)

Italian female names and their English equivalents

Italian NameEnglish equivalent
Alba Dawn
Alessandra Alexandra
Alessia Alexis
Alice (ah-LEE-cheh) Alice (AEH-liss)
Anna Ann / Anne
Carlotta Charlotte
Caterina Catherine
Chiara Claire
Cristina Christina / Christine
Daniela Danielle
Elena Helen
Elisabetta Elizabeth
Emilia Emily
Erica Erika
Eva Eve
Evelina Evelyn
Francesca Frances
Giada Jade
Giorgia Georgia
Giovanna Joanna
Giulia Julia
Giuliana Julianne
Giulietta Juliet
Giuseppina Josephine
Grazia Grace
Ilaria Hillary
Isabella Isabel
Ivana Yvonne
Letizia Leticia
Margherita Margaret / Daisy
Maria Mary
Marta Martha
Melania Melanie
Michela Michelle
Natalia Natalie
Noemi Naomi
Paola Paula
Patrizia Patricia
Rachele Rachel
Rosa Rose
Rosamaria Rosemary
Samanta Samantha
Sara Sarah
Silvia Sylvia
Sofia Sophia
Sonia Sonya
Stefania Stephanie
Susanna Susan
Teresa Theresa
Valeria Valerie
Vittoria Victoria
Viviana Vivian
Created by: msdms