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Nomi / Names (m)

Italian male names and their English equivalents

Italian NameEnglish equivalent
Giovanni John
Marco Mark
Luca Luke
Simone Simon
Paolo Paul
Pietro Peter
Leonardo Leonard
Gabriele Gabriel
Matteo Matthew
Andrea Andrew
Adriano Adrian
Enrico / Arrigo Henry
Giacomo Jacob / James
Giuseppe Joseph
Alessandro Alexander
Alfredo Alfred
Antonio Anthony
Carlo Charles
Daniele Daniel
Davide David
Guglielmo William
Eduardo Edward
Egidio Giles
Federico Frederick
Filippo Phillip
Francesco Francis
Stefano Stephen / Steven
Giorgio George
Giuliano Julian
Lorenzo Lawrence
Michele Michael
Nicola Nicholas
Patrizio Patrick
Raffaele Ralph
Massimo Max
Riccardo Richard
Timoteo Timothy
Tommaso Thomas
Vincenzo Vincent
Vittorio Victor
Created by: msdms