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PHM1000 De More4.1

PHM1000 Pharmacy Technician - Chapter 4 (Part 1) Med Terms - De More

card root word for heart
cyst root word for bladder
gastr root word for stomach
hemat root word for blood
hepat root word for liver
my root word for muscle
pector root word for chest
neur root word for nerve
pneum root word for lung
ocul root word for eye
derma root word for skin
ven root word for vein
mast root word for breast
oste root word for bone
nephr root word for kidney
ot root word for ear
root word base component of a term which gives it meaning that may be modified by other components
suffix modifying component of a term located at the end of the term
prefix modifying component of a term found at the beginning of the term
xero prefix; dry
xeroderma dry skin condition
dipl prefix; double
opia root word for vision
diplopia double vision
sub prefix; under or beneath
lingu root word for tongue
al suffix; pertaining to (as in sub+lingu+al)
sublingual under the tongue
itis suffix; inflammation
algia suffix; pain
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
neuralgia nerve pain
combination vowels used to complete the connection of different word parts. (example: card (heart) IO my (muscle) - pathy (disease)
pathy disease
thorax chest
hypo low
hyper high
glyc sugar
emia blood
hyperglycemia high blood sugar
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
thyroid thyroid
ism suffix; state of
hyperthyroidism too much thyroid activity
peri prefix; around
ic suffix; pertaining to
dont teeth
erythrocytes red blood cells
leukocytes white blood cells
systolic phase increased pressure on the heart when blood is forced out
diastolic phase relaxation phase
thromb root word; clot
tension root word; pressure
phleb root word; vein
arter root word; artery
stetho root word; chest
hypertension high blood pressure
thrombosis condition of having blood clots in the vascular system
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
ateriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
myocardial concerning the heart muscle
venous pertaining to the veins
stethoscope instrument to hear heartbeat
endo prefix; within
crine root word; secrete
ism condition
emia blood
lipid root word; fat
somat root word; body
endocrine pertaining to glands that secrete hormones into the blood stream
hyperlipidemia increase of lipids in the blood
hypothyroidism a deficiency of thyroid secretion
somatic pertaining to the body
ic pertaining to
adrena root word; adrenal
pancreat root word; pancreas
thym thymus (produces T-cells as part of adaptive immune system)
a or an prefix; without
dia prefix; across, through
chol root word; bile
col root word; colon
duoden root word; duodenum
enter root word; intestine
esophag root word; esophagus
lapar root word; abdomen
adip root word; fat
cutane root word; skin
derma root word; skin
hist root ord; tissue
kerat root word; hard
necro root word; death (cells, body)
onych root word; nail
phagia suffix; swallow
rrhea suffix; discharge
emesis suffix; vomit
oma suffix; tumor
itis suffix; inflammation
erythro prefix; red
pach prefix; thick
trans prefix; through
epi prefix; upon
lact root word; milk
tation suffix; act of secreting
logist suffix; one who studies
anorexia loss of appetite
aphagia inability to swallow
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
colitis inflammed or irritable colon
hepatitis inflammation of the liver from various causes
diarrhea liquid or unformed bowel movements
hepatoma liver tumor
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract
mycosis suffix; fungal infection
dermatitis skin inflammation
erythroderma abnormal redness of skin
lactation secretion of milk
mastectomy surgical removal of breast
onychomycosis fungal infecion of nails
pachyderma abnormal thickness of skin
subcutaneous beneath the skin
transdermal through the skin
dermatologist one who studies the skin
keratosis area of increased hardness
epidermis top layer of skin
aden gland
cyt cell
phillia attraction
oid resembling
penia decrease
ectomy excision
hematoma collection of blood , often clotted (bruise)
hemophillia disease where blood does not clot normally
lymphocyte type of white blood cell that helps the body defend itself against bacteria and diseased cells
lymphoma lymphatic system tumor
leukemia increase in white blood cells
chondr root word; cartilage
fibr root word; fiber
tendin root word; tendon
plasty repair
osis increase
myoplasty plastic surgery of muscle tissue
fibromyalgia chronic muscle pain
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
cerebr cerebrum
dementio to be mad
encephal root word; brain
mening meninges (membranes that surround and protect the Central Nervous System)
myel root word; spinal cord
neur root word; nerve
dys root word; difficult
phasia speech
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
neuralgia nerve pain
dementia disorientation, confusion, loss of memory
dysphasia difficulty speaking
cerebral vascular blood vessels in the brain
arthr joint
carp wrist
crani skull
dactyl finger or toe
femor thigh bone
fibul small outer lower leg bone
humer upper arm bone
oste root word; bone
patell knee cap
ped, pod foot
pelv pelvis
phalang bones of fingers and toes
rachi root; vertebrae
spondyl root; vertebrae
stern sternum; breastbone
tibi lower leg bone
arthritis inflammation of a joint
carpal pertaining to the carpus, in the wrist
osteoarthritis chronic disease of bones and joints
rachitis inflammation of the spine
gynec root; woman
hyster root; uterus
mamm root; breast
metr uterus
ovari ovary
salping fallopian tubes
toc birth
dystocia difficult labor
amenorrhea lack of menstruation
dysmenorreha menstrual pain
mastitis inflammation of the breast
salpingocyesis salping (fallopian) cyesis (pregnancy) = fetal development in the fallopian tubes.
gynecology study of female reproductive system
andr male
balan glans penis
orchid, test testis, testicle
prostat prostate gland
sperm sperm
vas vessel, duct
vesicul seminal vesicles
aspermia inability to produce semen
prostatitis inflammation of the prostate
seminoma tumor of the testes
prostatitis inflammation of the prostate
android resembling a male
aer air
aero gas
bronch bronchus
capn carbon dioxide (CO2)
laryng larynx
nas nose
ox oxygen (O2)
pneum lung, air
pulmon lung
sinus sinus
apnea a (without) pnea (to breathe) = temporary failure to breathe
dyspnea difficulty breathing
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial membranes
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
pneumonia bacterial infection of the lungs
sinusitis inflammation of the sinuses
paranasal near or along nasal cavity
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
albumin protein
cyst bladder
nephr, ren kidney
ureter/urethr ureter/urethra
uria urine, urination
vesic bladder
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
polyuria poly (many) uria (urine) = excessive urination
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
dysuria painful urination
albuminuria presence of the albumin (proteins) in urine
acous, audi hearing
acusis hearing condition
cerumin wax-like, waxy
myring/tympan ear drum
salping eustachian tubes
labyrinth inner ear
otalgia pain in the ear
otorrhea ear infection with discharge
myringotomy incision into the eardrum (otomy = incision)
otorrhagia bleeding in the ear (rrhage = burst forth)
blephar eyelid
corne cornea
dacry, lacrim tear, tear duct
irid, ir iris
ocul, opthum eye
retin retina
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids
opia vision
hyperopia farsightedness
conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjunctiva (membrane between the eye and the eyelid)
opthamology study of the eye
lacrimal gland produces tears
alveoli a part of the lungs where gases are exchanged between blood and air
nephron functional unit of the kidney responsible for removing wastes from the blood and producing urine
flexor movement an expansion or outward movement by muscles
integumentary system the body covering (hair, skin nails)
alimentary tract the organs, from the mouth to the anus (GI tract is part of this)
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