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CDC review

What is the "primary" method used to ensure the widest dissemintation of maintenance crosstell information to highlight trends or safety conditions DMS (Defense Message System)
An IREP meeting is held "at least" Quarterly
What "off-equipment" level of maintenance consists primarily of testing and repair or replacement of parts Intermediate
What type of maintenance is a hybrid of 3LM and 2LM that combines intermediate level maintenance from multiple bases at one location Regional Repair Center
Regarding the reliability and Maintainability Program, who is responsible for developing a proactive program to analyze collected data and act accordingly to implement solutions for those sytems under their control Single managers
Who is responsible for co-chairing Product Improvement Working Group Meetings with the lead command executive agent Single manager
What level of OI is published when responsibilities apply to "both" the operations group and MXG Wing
Who does the OPR designate to meet daily resposibilities for adminitering an OI POC
which MXG (maintenance group) organization acts as the OPR for maintenance policy guidance as it pertains to OI's QA
What type of support agreement is developed when two or more branches of service are involved Inter-service
which of the following is a "general rule" you should follow while developing support agreements It shoul cover only one receiver.
Once a formal A/C Mod propolsal has been submitted, who-in addition to the single piont manager and the lead command configuration review board-must approve it HQ/USAF/A4M
In addition to the MAJCOM system functional manager, who is consulted on disposition instructions for serial controlled items that does "not" have a readable serial number Air Logistics Center (ALC) item manager
historical A/C records are normally centrally located within the prossessing unit. who if anyone, may outherize the files to be decentralizwd MXG?CC maintenance group commander
Which of he following may "authorize special application use" for the AFTO IMT 95 MXG/CC maintenance group commander
Which AFMC agency is the "primary user" of engine inventory management data entered into the Comprehensive Engine Management System Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
Which MXG is responsible for leading the Data Integrity Team Maintenance Data System Analysis
What is the "common standard interval" used for calculating the Fix Rate on non-fighter type A/C 12 Hrs
How is an A/c flight malfunction classified if an identical malfunction occurred on this same A/C four sorties ago recur
What maintenance priority designator is assigned to the repair of AGE needed to support primary mission A/C w/in six work Hrs of a scheduled launch 2
What maintenance priorty designator is assigned to primary mission A/C undergoing scheduled maintenance that if not accomplished would prevent or delay mission accomplishment 3
What maintenance priorty designator is assigned to non-primary mission A/C undergoing extensive repair 5
Weekly maintenance scheduling meeting forcast & monitor maintenance requirements for the current month as well as how many months in the future 2
In support of the weekly maintenance scheduling meeting, each A/C maintenance unit is required to prvide a one-week forcast of all scheduled maintenance by 1600 0n Friday
Who has sole resposiibility & authority to develop & implement MESLs for RDT&E missions and A/C in support of RDT&E AF Material Command AFMC
What status is reported for an A/C that has degrated system, subsystem, or component performance but is "capable of full mission performance" FMC
what overall C-level is reported for a unit that possesses the required recorces and is trained to undertake many, but not all, portions of the wartime mission(s) for which it was organized or designed c-3
For a wing's SORTS reporting, who monitors overall weopons load crew status and advises the MXG/CC when the number of fully certified crews falls below the "minimum set limit Wing Weopons Manager WWM
Who is responsible for the status of a unit's individual UTC (unit type code) requirments as reported by the ART Squadron/unit commander
When forecasting readiness for deployment in the ART, an individual should consider how many months in the future 6
The daily meeting to update the wing CC (commander) on maintenance issues is called Wing Standup
Which of the following is "not" a wing commandrers responsibility Managing the wing's FOD program
Which of the following is "not" a MXG/CC responsibility autherizing mods of assigned A/C and equipment
Who is in charge with overseeing the management of maintinance facilities and A/c support equipment procurement and maintenance MXG superintendent
Which of the following is "not" a MXG superintendent's responsibility Serve as wing weopons manager and advise wing leadership on weopons issues.
The MXG superintendent is responsible for coordinating with unit leadership in rotating personal between duty positions in order to develop individual experience and knowledge
If applicable, who is responsible for managing the squadron's flying crew chief program SQ/CC squadron commander
Which of the following is "not" a SQ/CC squadron commander's responsibility Manage the squadron's AFREP (Air Force Repair Enhancement Program)
It is important for a SQ/CC to review the squadron's DOC (Desiged operational capabilities) statement to determin if current squadron processes are adequate to meet all task requirements
What two positions make up what is known as maintenance operations-formerly known as maintenance supervision Operations officer/maintenance superintendiant
Working together, the maintenance operations team is tasked with providing lower level administration for nearly all programs the SQ/CC is responsible for.
who is the AMU/OIC resposible to for the leadership, supervision, and training of assigned personal Squadron operations officer
Which of the following is "not" normally a responsibility of the AMU/OIC/superintendent Directing cannibalization actions for assigned A/C.
Who is normally responsible for chairing the AMU's dailyn maintenance production meeting AMU/OIC
The Main person resposible for monitoring, tracking, and documenting safety and health information about assigned workers is the section NCOIC
Which of the following is "not" normally of the section NCOIC's responsibilities Acting as the primary source of help for requesting maintenance support from other agencies
which of the following is "not" normally an AMU production superintendent's responsibility Ensuring all maintenance information system documentation is accurate and complete
Who must the AMU Production superintentent inform and coordinate with about the unit's maintenance effort, including providing A/C status updates as required MOC
what idividual is in the best position to ensure that maintaainers accomplish maintenance IAW T.O data and higher level directives Expediter
In managing, controling, and directing recources to accomplish scheduled/unscheduled maintenance to generate A/C, expediter workfor the production superintendent
Which of the following is "not" normally a flight line expedter's responsibility Sighning off "RED X's" for A/C maintenance jobs,
Which of the folowing section is "not" part of the MOF QA
Which of the folowing sections is responsible for managing the Location subsystem of the IMDS-CDB for A/C under its control Maintenance Operations Center
Which of the folowing classes is "not" normally tought by maintenance group's Maintenance Training Flight QA
UTM's are administrativly assigned to the Maintenance Training Flight
The programs and Recources Flight is responsible for managing and controling what IMDS-CDB subsystem for the maintenance group Maintenance Personnel
The SORTS data gathered and approved each month by the maintenance group is fowarded to be combined with other wing data.
Which of the folowing does Programs and Recources Flight maintain for the maintenance group Support agreements
Who is responsible for managing the MSEP for the Maintenance group QA
When a case of A/C chaffing is reported, what percentage of assigned like model A/C "must" be inspected to determine if other A/C are also experiencing the problem 10
AMU's must provide inputs to the maintenance group through the operations officer for the development of an annual maintenance plan to ensure maintenance capabilities are not exceeded and commitments can be met
In an AMU, who is "primarily" responsible for using fault reporting manuals to identify fault codes to aid maintenance in A/C troulbleshooting Debrief personnel
What LSC (landing status code) is recorde for an A/C that experienced a "ground abort" Code 0
Which of the following is "not" assigned to the AMU A/C section Load crew chief
Who must approve a waiver to allow maintenance personnel in non-crew chief AFSCs to be appointed as a DCC (deticated crew chief) Group commander
What type of specialist is tasked to troubleshoot and repair A/C interphone systems Avionics
wich of the following specialists is "sometimes" assigned to the specialist section of an AMU Electronic warfare
In squadron-sized fighter A/C units, the AMU's Weopon section Maintenance element is "sometimes" combined with the armament flight in the Maintenance Squadron
Load crew chiefs are "normally 2W1X1 AFSC NCOs with what skill level 5
On a weekly basis the AMU's PS&D (Plans scheduling & Documentation) section is "required to provide a listing of scheduled maintenance job control numbers to Maintenance Operations Flight PS&D
The Amu's PS&D section reports directly to AMU supervision
The package that contains A/C and maintenance "historical documentations" is called the A/C jacket file
The AMU Support is "not" resposible for classified A/C parts
Why is it important for support sections to standardize procedures across the A/C Maintenance Squadron Security, control, and accountability reasons
Which of the following is "not" normaly a function of the Accessories Flight Fuel Systems section Intsalling external fuel tanks on A/C
Who must the AGE flight commander/chief notify when "mission essential AGE 'fall below a predetermined limit" Maintenance Operation Center
Which section is resposible for performing minor maintenance on AGE and preparing AGE for deployment Servicing, pickup, and Delivery
Who do AGE schedulers work for and report to on a daily basis Production Support section NCOIC
If a CAST (combat Armament Support Team) is formed, which section "normally assigns personel" to support the CAST Alternate Mission Equipment
Which section is tasked with performing user calibration and maintenance on TMDE for the Armament flight Armament Support
A2LM Avionics section is "not" normally allowed to perform which of the following repair LRU overhall
Which Avionics flight section is responsible for performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers Guidance and Control Systems
If required, which fabrication flight section is responible for manufacturing and inspecting thermal radiation barriers and soundproofing materials Survival Equipment
Which section is part of the Maintenance Squadron's maintenance flight Wheel and tire
Which Maintenance flight section is often tasked with rigging and replacing landing gear and performing work that is beyond the capabilities of other activities Repair and recliamation
If Munitions is "not" established as a maintenance Squardron Flight, it can be established as a separate squadron in the maintenance Group
Which section is responsible for assembling, disassembling, delivery, inspecting, and maintaining assigned MMHE for the Munitions flihgt Munitions Production
Which section is responsible for providing broad control and support for all Munitions flight activities by planning, scheduling, cordinating, controlling, and directing their activities Munitions Systems
Which propulsion flight section processes supply requests, manages bench stock, and operates tool storage areas Support
Which section is responsible for proper tracking and completion of TCTOs for the propulsion flight Jet, turbo-shaft engine Intermediate Maintenance
Which section is responsible for repairing, storing, and maintaining fuel nozzles, fuel manifolds, oil pumps, afterburners, and other engine components for the Propulsion flight Module/Accessary Repair
Which section is responsible for performing in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair for TMDE flight PMEL
Which TMDE flight section contains the Customer Service element Production Control
For technical order related duties, the TMDE TODO/TODA person or section is responsible to the TMDE flight commander/chief
Where is the Ogden Air Logistics Center located Hill AFB
Which agency provides management support for LANTIRN pods and system Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
Where is the AF Flight Test Center located Edwards AFB
The af Flight Test center has played a major role in the test and development of every major weopon sytem in the AF inventory for how many years 60
which unit is 'not' a component of the Air Armament Center 412th Test Wing
Where is the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center located Davis-monthan AFB
Training detachments (TDs) are adminisratively assigned to which MAJCOM Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
Air Education and Training Command (AETC) training detachments (TDs) "normaly do not" provide what type of training Ancillary training
The block training method is "normally used" to teach which Maintenance Training Flight (MTF) training course Maintenance Orientation
Each airframe and powerplant (A&P) specialized course must be complete within how many months 13
which of the following is used as the cover folder for an individual's training record AF Form 623, Individual Training record
All of the following can designate critical tasks that apply to a specific Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) in a particular work center "except" Unit Training Managers
Who must approve a waiver before an individual can be added to the special certification roster (SCR) for a task normally performed by a person of a higher grade Maintenance Group commander MXG/CC
In order to be given authority downgrade a "RED X" an idividual must be approved by the maintenance group commander (MGX/CC) and hold the "minimum" grade of Master Sergeant
What training phase has these four sub-phases; MAJCOM, mandatory, freeflow, and maintenance qualification training II
What "continuation training" consist of academic and practical hands-on course that compliment initial skills training recieved through AETC mission ready airman (MRA) and training detachment (TD) course Maintenance qualification
How often does the maintenance training flight (MTF) provide a status of training (SOT) briefing to the maintenance group commander) Monthly
An individual comes comes due for a training recertification while TDY, on leave, or incapacitated. Provided it "has not been more than 60 days since the original due date", how many days are allowed after returning before decertification is required 30
Who is responsible for conducting an interview with both the trainee and his/her supervisor before a trainee starts a CDC Unit training manager
Once you have completed the master task list for your master training plan, "you next step" is to determine training needs
In order to account for unfunded requirments and valid non-maintenance tasks, the logistic composite model (LCOM) "allows for what percentage of overhead manning" 10
Which element of a logisics composite model (LCOM) study considers weather modeling conditions operations requirments
Which factor is "not" modeled in a logistics composite model (LCOM) manpower study Training deployments
Manpower authorizations are Both funded and unfunded
A unit manpower document (UDM) does "not" show the name of person assigned to a particular position.
A meeting to discuss manning issues is the maintenance group (MXG) is "normally held" monthly
Which Maintenance group (MXG) office acts as the office of primary responsability (OPR) for maintenance analvsis referals Maintenance data system analysis (MDSA)
Which agency is "normally" responsible for monitoring the overall maintenance supply interface and resolving supply support problems Maintenance supply liason
Which of the following is "not" normally a Maintenance Supply Liason duty Collecting and turning in expendable, excess, and surplus precious metal bearing assets.
The assets in a high priority mission suport kit (HPMSK) should be transferred into the host base's Standard Base Supply System account after how many days 30
How often are operating commands required to review permanet readiness spares packages (RSP's) Annually
Which expendability, recoverability, and reparibility codes (ERRC) must be assigned to an asset "before" it can be placed on bench stock XB3
Shop stock should "not exceed" how many days of usage 90
Provided it is still serviceable, you are allowed to inspect and re-mark with a new expiration date which type of shelf life item II
Which of the following is "not" an obvious sign of pollution Cloudy water
Who is responsible for developing a hazard communication (HAZCOM) training plan to notify personal of all known hazards they may be exposed to in a particular workcenter Section supervisor
In the Maintenance Group (MXG), who is responible for establishing procedures and controls for the local manufacture tools, parts, and other items as required by technical guidance MXG Commander
Who in the maintenance group (MXG) is responsible for ensuring the cabability exists to meet local manufacture requirements Maintenance Squadron (MXS) Operations Officer/Maintenance Superintendent (MX SUPT)
Who must appoint an individual to be an equipment account cusodian Squadron Commander
An isdividual must recieve what specific block of supply training "before" assuming duties as a due-in maintenance (DIFM) monitor IIB
Which of the following is "not" in the Precious Metal Recovery Program Copper
Which Precious Metal Indicator Code (PMIC) indicates that an item of supply does "not" caontain precious metal A
Which Precious Metal Indicator Code (PMIC) indicates that an item of supply contains a "combination of two or more precious metals" C
Which supply tracking document provides information on all document numbers processed during the day DO4, Daily Document Register
Which supply tracking document is produced daily and lists all back-ordered parts with an urgency of need (UND) code of A D18, Priority Monitor report
Which supply tracking document provides a management product for product for monitoring issue and bench stock supply support M-24, Organization Effectiveness Report
Which Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) office accounts for special purpose recoverable authorized maintenance (SPRAM) assets managed on in-use detail records Equipment Liason Office (ELO)
What is the special purpose recoverable authorised maintenance (SPRAM) flag code for "STAND_ALONE SPARES" A
What is the special purpose recoverable authorised maintenance (SPRAM) flag code for "fault isolation spares" F
Who is the "final authority" for reviewing a units list of supply assets requiring functional check, calibration, or operational flight programming Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Chief Inspector
Which of the following is "not" normally in the review chain for items listed as supply assets requiring locally performed functional check, calibration, or operational flight programming Maintenance Group commander
Who ultimately determines if the security provided at a transient location is adequate for "classified assets installed on a A/C A/C commander
Who is responsible for the immediate security of "classified equipment installed on an A/C after it makes an emergency landing" A/C commander
When the Aircraft owner or user does not stay with their A/C, she/he must arrange for security checks to be accomplished every 3 Hrs
What supply delivery priority is appropriate for "Primary mission A/C 13 Hrs after landing" 3
What supply delivery priority is appropriate for "bench stock requirements 5
Which urgency justification code (UJCs) are used to show a supply request for bits and pieces to repair a line replaceable unit (LRU) or shop replaceable unit (SRU) spare AR or BR
Before a supply point can be established and located in a maintenance work area, who must Maintenance coordinate with LRS material management element
What is the accountability document used for supply points that show the quantity authorized, on-hand, and due-out Supply Point Listing
When a mission capable (MICAP) part issues and is placed in the tail number bin (TNB), supply personnel notiy the maintenance Operations Center (MOC)
When back-ordered items issues and is placed in the tail number bin (TBN), supply pesonel notify the A/C Maintenance Units (AMU's) plans, Scheduling, and Documentation (PS&D) section.
When items are placed in an A/C's tail number bin (TNB), which entry is "not" normally needed Security classification
When the goal is to get a refund or a new item in exchange, what type of deficiency report is submitted Supply Descrepancy Report
Who has the resposibility for overall Deficiency Report program management for the submitting organization or group Originationg Point
Who acts as the Deficiency Report focal point between the support point and submitting organization
Units "cannot" make local mods to which AF publication T.O.s
Who is responsible for establishing a maintenance group (MXG T.O custodian to administer T.O. requirements in support of assigned group missions and activities MXG/CC
Which is "not" normallt a Maintenance Group (MXG) technical order distribution office (TODO) duty Establishishing technical order distribution account (TODO) sub-accounts as required.
The Product Improvement Manager is usually assigned to what maintenace group (MXG) section? QA
Which of the following is "not" a technical order (TO) change "priority"? Standard
An improvement that identifies a replacement for hazardous materials or an ozone depleting substance would be submitted as what technical order (TO) change priority? Urgent
Who is the "final approval authority for waivers" of technical order (TO) system policies and procedures? HQ USAF/A4MM
Which of the following is "not" an approved communication methode for issuing approved technical order (TO) waivers or deviations? Telephone
If a serially controlled item is cannibalized (CANN), who is the CANN authority required to notify? Plans, sheduling, and documentation (PS&D)
For a unit using the extended cannibalation cycle, the "standard time frame" for having an A/C down is 45-60 days.
How are radiographic inspections accomplished outside the Non Destructive Inspection Labratory classified? Unshielded
When calibrating navigational equipment, an external power unit is attached while towing an A/C during what type of operation? Compass rose.
"Red Ball" maintenance defines a situation that requires all of the following "except" an approved maintenance group (MXG) technical order (TO) compliance waiver.
During "Red Ball) Maintenance it is important that expediters have a quick reference list (QRL) available in order to reduce time needed to research parts.
Which of the following is "not" a member of the Joint Council on Aging A/C (JCAA)? National Transportation Safety Board.
Who appoints an officer or NCO as the maintenance officer or NCO as maintenance group (MXG) Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) project officer? MXG Commander
What A/C Maintenance Unit (AMU) section is required to ensure A/C Strucural Integrity Program(ASIP) equipped A/C are identified as such in weakly schedules? Pans, Scheduling, and Documentation
Who is the Office of primary responsibility (OPR) for development of wing procedures for control and management of tools/equipment used on the F/L and aerospace maintenance industrial areas? Maintenance Group Commander (MXG/CC)
In addition to daily accountability checks, how often must support personnel conduct and document a maintenance group caommander (MXG/CC) standardized inspection of all support section tool and equipment? Annually
How many digets make up an equipment identification designator (EID) code used to identify tools and equipment? 9
In the equipment identification designator (EID) code U6JG))))1, what does the third character "J" identify" unit
Without a waiver, what is the "minimum" position an individual must hold before clearing a Red X for a lost tool that has not been found? Operations Officer or maintenance superintendent (MX SUPT)
Who is the Quality Assurance (QA) Chief Inspector directly responsible to for ensuring the required Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program (MSEP) functions are performed? QA Officer In Caharge (OIC)/Superintendent (SUPT).
Personnel should "normaly" be assigned to a unit for how many months before being selected as QA inspectors? 6
What maintenance Standard and Evaluation Team (MSET) individual assessment finding is defined as a condition that would endanger personnel or jeopordize equipment? Major
What Maintenance Standaredazation and Evaluation Team (MSET) individual assessment is performend "after" a technician completes a task? Quality Verification Inspection.
The Wing foreign object damage (FOD) monitor is "normaly" located W/in the QA section. QA section
The Wing foreign object damage (FOD) monitor must notify the MAJCOM FOD manager W/in how many Hrs of a FOD incident? 24
What dollar amount of damage "must be exceeded for a foreign object damage (FOD) incident to be used to calculate the FOD rate for a unit? 20,000
What time-frame is used for determining whether an item that falls off an A/C is cosidered "reportable" droped object? Engine start to engine shut down.
A dropped object that has resulted in casualties or property damage must be reported IAW AFI 10-206, "Operational Reporting".
Which AF publication provides "general Guidance" for executing an effective maintenance recovery operation? AFI21-101, A/C and Equipment Maintenance Management.
The "maximum" total initial duty time (including home station duty, travel time, and recovery siteduty upon arrival) that a maintenance recovery team member may be worked before being given 8 hrs of uninterrupted rest is 16 hrs
Which maintenance squadron (MXS) flight is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for the maintenance group's (MXG's) Crashed, Damaged, or Disabled A/C Recovery (CCDAR) Program operating instruction? Maintenance Flifgt.
How often must the Team Chief for the Crashed, Damaged, or Disabled A/C Recovery (CCDAR) Program conduct a CDDAR exercise? Annually.
After initial training, how often must Crashed, Damaged, or Disabled A/C Recovery (CCDAR) Team members recieve additional academic and hands-on training? Annually.
Which AF Portal link provides access to recurring AF periodicals like "Airmans Magazine" and the "Air & Space Journal"? AF Electronic Publishing (AF e-Publishing)
Which AF Portal link can be used to access user manuals for various AF computer systems? AF Center for Electronic Distribution of Systems (AFCEDS).
Which of the following is resposible for coordinating the number of certified load crew team members in support of A/C generation planning? Wing Weopons Manager
You are primarily concerned with answering the question; "What steps need to be taken?" During which A/C generation planning area? A/C gerneration actions
You are primarily concerned with answering the question: "How long does each step or group of steps take?" during which A/C generation planning area? A/C generation timing.
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