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Sadlier B

Vocab 1-10

adjacent near, next to, adjoining alongside, nearby, neighboring faraway, distant, remote
barren not productive, bare unproductive, sterile, desolate, arid fertile, fruitful, productive
disrupt to break up, disturb upset, displace, disorder organize, arrange
foretaste an advance indication, sample , or warning preview, anticipation (blank)
interrogate to ask questions, examine by questioning question, query (blank)
renovate to repair, restore to good condition, make new again repair, fix up, recondition (blank)
sullen silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger or resentment; slow moving, sluggish grumpy, surly, peevish, morose cheerful, blithe, sociable, vivacious
trickle (v)to flow or fall by drops or in a small stream; (n) a small irregular quantity of anything (v) dribble, drizzle, drip;(n) small amount (v)gush, poor, flood (n) deluge
trivial not important, minor; ordinary, commonplace insignificant, petty, trifling important, weighty, momentous
vicious evil, bad; spiteful; having bad habits or ugly disposition; painfully severe or extreme wicked, malicious, savage good, kind, mild, harmless
available ready for use, at hand (blank) (blank)
customary usual, expected, routine (blank) (blank)
entrepreneur a person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business (blank) (blank)
hazard (n) risk, peril; (v) to expose to danger or harm; to gamble (blank) (blank)
indifference a lack of interest or concern (blank) (blank)
indespensable absolutely necessary, not to be neglected (blank) (blank)
lubricate to apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery, or easier to use (blank) (blank)
mutual shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more (blank) (blank)
plague (n)an easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths; a widespread evil (v) to annoy or bother (blank) (blank)
transparent allowing light to pass through; easily recognized or understood; easily seen through or detected (blank) (blank)
brood (n) a family of young animals, especially birds; any group having the same nature and origin; (v) to think over in a worried, unhappy way (blank) (blank)
culminate to reach a high point of development; to end, climax (blank) (blank)
downright (adv.) thoroughly; (adj) absolute, complete; frank, blunt (blank) (blank)
literate able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training (blank) (blank)
miscellaneous mixed, of different kinds (blank) (blank)
oration a public speech for a formal occasion (blank) (blank)
seeth to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed (blank) (blank)
unique one of a kind; unequaled; unusual; found only in a given class, place, or situation (blank) (blank)
verify to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm (blank) (blank)
yearn to have a strong and earnest desire (blank) (blank)
bewilder to puzzle completely, confuse
controversial arousing argument, dispute or disagreement
dishearten to discourage... syn: dismay, demoralize, dispirit
fruitless not producing the desired results, unsuccessful... syn: useless, vain, unproductive, futile
inflict to give or cause something unpleasant, impose
mortify to hurt someones feeling deeply; to cause embarrassment or humiliation; to subdue or discipline by self denial or suffering
scurry to run quickly, scamper, hurry... syn: rush, dash scramble
spirited full of life and vigor; courageous... syn: lively, animated, gallant
void completely empty; having no legal force or effect; (n) empty or unfilled space (v) to cancel or nullify... syn: invalid, vacant, bare
wince to draw back suddenly as though in pain or fear... syn: flinch, shudder, recoil
Created by: KrystalMac
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