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Qi Blood & Body Fluids

All of the following are possible Qi patterns in identification of patterns according to Qi-Blood-Body Fluids except: a) Deficiency b) Sinking c) Heat d) Stagnation c) Heat
If oedema results from Kidney Yang Deficiency, where will the signs and symptoms present? Lower parts of the body, legs and ankles
If oedema results from Spleen Yang Deficiency, where will the signs and symptoms present? Abdomen & Limbs
If oedema results from Lung Yang Deficiency, where will the signs and symptoms present? Face & Hands
If there is Pitting Oedema it is likely to be the result of: Yang Deficiency of the Spleen, Lungs, or Kidneys
Describe the Promoting function of QI Growth and development of the human body, the physiological activities of the zang-fu and meridians, the circulation of blood and distribution of blood and the distribution of bodily fluids
Which type of qi is derived from congenital essence and inherited from the parents and is referred to congenital qi? Yuan (Primary) Qi
Describe the Checking function of Qi Controlling of Blood by keeping it circulating in the vessels, controls sweating, urination, and seminal emission
Which Q-B-BF relationships is best described as "the material foundation for the fx. activities of the body...originate from food essences and from essential qi in the Ki y...depend on the functional activities of the Lu, Sp, & Ki for their production. Qi & Blood
What type of qi originates in the Ki but needs the SJ as a pathway for distribution in order to promote the fx activities of the zang-fu organs and tissues of the body? Yuan (Primary) Qi
What are the Signs & Symptoms of Heat in the Blood in Q-B-BF pattern identification Feeling of heat, skin diseases with red eruptions, dry mouth, bleeding, red tongue, rapid pulse
Describe the symptoms associated with Phlegm-Fluids above the diaphragm Cough, asthma, oedema, dizziness, abundant white sputum, a sticky thick white tongue coating and a wiry pulse and it's worse with cold.
Describe the symptoms associated with Phlegm-Fluids in the Stomach and Intestines Abdominal fullness and distension, vomiting of watery fluids, dry tongue and mouth w/out desire to drink, a splashing sound in the St, a feeling of fullness in the chest, loose stools, loss of weight, deep-slippery pulse, swollen tongue with sticky coat
Describe the symptoms associated with Phlegm-Fluids in the hypochondrium Hypochondriac pain which is worse on coughing and breathing, a feeling of distension of the hypochondrium, SOB, sticky tongue coat and deep wiry pulse
Describe the symptoms associated with Phlegm-Fluids in the Limbs Heaviness of the body, a pain in the muscles no sweating, no desire to drink, a cough with abundant white sputum, a sticky white tongue coat and a wiry or tight pulse
Non pitting oedema is likely the result of Qi Stagnation or Dampness
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