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test 1

Define vitalism The theory or doctrine that life processes arise from or contain a nonmaterial vital principle and cannot be explained entirely as chemical and physical phenomena.
Who came up with the term innate intelligence? B.J. Palmer
What are the 2 problems with vitalism? 1. It did not appeal to the ego of man 2. It leads to emphasis upon the nonmaterial
Define positivism A philosophical system founded by Auguste Comte concerned with positive facts and phenomena, and excluding speculation upon ultimate causes or origins
Define modus ponens Affirming the anticedent
Modus Tollens Popper's Chopper, Charles Popper.
What is the MAJOR PREMISE of chiropractic? "there is a UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE in all matter which continually gives to it all its properties and actions this maintaining it in existence.
Who says, 'the difference between a good chiropractor and a poor one is that the good one has many principles and the poor just a few.' Stephenson
T/F Innate intelligence is within living and nonliving things? F
T/F II has a mission to actively organize T
T/F II has a purpose to adapt forces and matter T
T/F II Can break laws of the universe. F-it is limited by the limitations of matter
T/F II is not always normal F
T/F II works through and over the cardiovascular system F, nervous system
T/F II can be interfered with T, this is what causes disease
Define organic matter The part of UI given to living things
What are the 3 similarities between II and UI? 1. Both principles 2. Both organize matter 3. Both are immaterial
UI organizes ___ and II organizes ___. Atomically, actively
What is the mission of Innate Intelligence? To maintain the materials of the body of a "living thing" in active organization.
How does Strauss define life? the expression of intelligence though matter.
Who said, "Having already begun to loose the exclusive practice of spinal manipulation to allopaths and physiotherapists, the chiropractic philosophy significantly distinguishes the chiropractor." E. A. Morinis
How does D.D. Palmer define life? The expression of tone
What makes up the triune of life? Intelligence, force, matter
What is the function of intelligence? To create force
What is the function of force? to unite intelligence and matter
What is the function of matter? To express force
Describe the key players and their meanings in the painting and the painter analogy The painter=intelligence The painting=matter The painting(action)=force
What is F.E.A.R.? False, expectations, appearing, real
The expression of II is dependent on the quality of what? matter
According to Strauss, what of the triune of life does the D.C. address? force
T/F "A penetrative force is a universal fore, but a universal force is not necessarily a penetrative force." T
What is the best synonym for disease according to chiropractic? incoordination
What is coordination? the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an organism in fulfilling their offices and purposes.
Principle 33: the brain represents? Innate? Brain cells? Nerve cells? clearing house, banker, clerks, messengers
In Ayn Rand's article what do each of these represent in philosophy? Where am I? How do I know it? What should I do? metaphysics Epistimology Ethics
"Philosophy studies the _____ nature of existence." Ayn Rand fundamental
What is the study of existence about? choices
What are the five branches of philosophy? Metaphysics Epistemology Ethics Politics Esthetics
What is the criterion of detection? Why and how
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