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Test 1

What type of care would you consider Chiropractic to be? Proactive
Define survival value When losses are subtracted from gains, that which remains, the unit of adaptational success; the chiropractic viewpoint of evolution
What is the Casino Mentality? People/patients thinking, it will be different for me...
What did Dr. Gentempo say about having a crystal clear vision? "If you choose to limit your scope of practice, at least don't try to limit mine."
What is the analogy Dr. B gave about cars and changing the model? Cars in the early days had unique bodies, chrome, etc. as aerodynamics became a greater factor (vs. the body) the body design conforms and looses its distinction
How should we as Chiropractors define ourselves? (4 words) Authority, tradition, procedures, objective
Philosophy is based on ___ not ____. assumptions, faith
"____ are the tools by which everything is built." Thoughts
Chiropractic is a ____ philosophy. dualistic
How you practice chiropractic is determined by how you ____. think
"It is the ___ that determines the manner of practice." intent
Define mechanism The philosophical doctrine that all natural phenomena are explicable by material causes and mechanical principles.
Created by: sparklefarkle84