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test 1

5 characteristics of inductive reasoning (4-5) 4. Begins witha particular and moves to a generality 5. Assumes the meaning of words
How do we use inductive and deductive reasoning differently in Chiropractic philosophy? Deductive for establishing the validity of our chiropractic philosophy Inductive reasoning-to establish major premise
What is the major premise of Chiropractic Philosophy? There is universal intelligence in all matter which continually gives to it all it's properties and actions thus maintaining in existence
What are the two types of mechanists? Strict materialist, psuedo-mechanist
Define strict materialist The true mechanist, totally rejects any vitalistic concept or process that he cannot empirically demonstrate.
Define psuedo-mechanist Acknowledges the existence of a force which he cannot see or demonstrate but in practice denies its ability to run the universe or his body. Most people are this...
The 4 reasons why people go to the chiropractor 1. Symptoms treated and/or cure disease 2. Prevent symptoms and diseases 3. Unfold genetic potential 4. Allow bodies to work at max potential
3 Reasons why a chiropractor sees patients 1. To cure all diseases 2. To cure some diseases 3. To cure no diseases
What is the most common of the 3 reasons why Chiropractors see patients? To cure some diseases
The 3 specific traits of Universal Intelligence, as defined by 33 principles. 1. UI is not a person, but a principle 2. UI only functions in accordance with natural law 3. UI bespeaks of intelligence
Define solicitude The state of being solicitous, anxiety or concern...UI has none
UI gives force to both ____ and ___ matter. organic & inorganic
T/F It is impossible for any matter to be where universal force is not. true
In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, universal forces are ___, and innate forces are ____, as regards to structural matter. destructive, constructive
Innate intelligence ___ universal forces for use in the body adpats
Identify and list in order the signs of life. Assimilation, excretion, adaptability, growth, reproduction
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