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PD week 2

study for test

communication action verbs addressed, arranged, developed, reconciled, translated
communication action verbs enlisted, formulated, lectured, moderated, persuaded
Technical action verbs assembled, computed, engineered, operated, remodeled
Technical action verbs calculated, devised, programmed, trained, upgraded
Creative action verbs acted, designed, established, illustrated, invented
Creative action verbs fashioned, instituted, originated, revitalized, shaped
Clerical/detail action verbs approved, compiled, generated, inspected, prepared
Clerical/detail action verbs classified, dispatched, implemented, operated, tabulated
Helping action verbs assessed, coached, demonstrated, expedited, guided
Helping action verbs clarified, diagnosed, facilitaed, referred, represented
Teaching action verbs adapted, coached, encouraged, facilitated, persuaded
Teaching action verbs advised, clarified, evaluated, informed, set goals
Management action verbs analyzed, chaired, delegated, executed, oversaw
Management action verbs contracted, evaluated, increased, prioritized, scheduled
Financial action verbs allocated, budgeted, developed, forecast, marketed
Financial action verbs administered, appraised, balanced, calculated, managed,
Research action verbs clarified, diagnosed, extracted, interpreted, organized
Research action verbs critiqued, examined, interviewed, surveyed, systematized
elements of a resume heading, certification/licenses, education, work experience, military
elements of a resume objective, skills, personal profile/special skills, education
personal qualities individual responsibility, self belief, self management, sociability, integrity
Functional resume emphasizes skills and achievements; good for career change with little or no work history
Chronological resume most common; gives work & education history in reverse chronological order. Good for changing jobs within the same feild.
purposes of a resume endorsement, organizes your skills, presents educational background, recaps work experience, first impression
cover letter introduction of yourself to the employer
professional references supervisors and co-workers; preferably not family and friends
what should you never write on your application? see resume
some ___ information is illegal for the prospective employer to ask about personal
What should you always write in for salary on an application? negotiable
What should work experience include? Paid and volunteer positions
What types of education should be included on your resume? all, even incompleted
in what order should work/education be listed? reverse chronological order
soft skills communication, personal talents in dealing with others
computer skills hardware and software knowledge
Job related skills describes what your experience is in or your program of study
foundation skills reading, writing, math, speaking, & listening
thinking skills reasoning, creativity, decision making, problem solving
interpersonal skills dealing with diverse cultures, negotiation, teamwork, teaching
things to do before the interview know the location of the building, know how long it will take to get there
things to do before the interview know the location of the office in the building; do a test run the day before
things to do before the interview ask about parking; find out the name of the interviewer
things to do before the interview find out how many people you will be interviewing with; take the phone # with you
things to do before the interview compile everything the night before; practice
Interview "do's" go to the interview alone; be neat, prompt, courteous, and respectful, smile
Interview "do's" make direct eye contact; display confidence and dependability, learn about the company
Interview "do's" be prepared to answer difficult questions with brief, to the point answers
Interview "do's" present a good resume; determine appropriate dress (professional)
Interview "do's" be full of energy and enthusiasm; listen attentively; send a thank you note
Interview "don'ts" criticize yourself; be late; become tense
Interview "don'ts" unduly emphasize starting salary and benefits; overdress, smoke, drink or chew gum
Interview "don'ts" criticize former employers, teachers, etc; make patronizing or personal remarks
Interview "don'ts" appear obsessed with salary, bene's, or vacation; appear uninformed about the company or the job
Created by: bellajerrent429
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