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AS 350

Emergency Procedures for Eurocopter`s AS350/ ASTAR

Yellow Gov Light 1.Minor GOV failure 2.Land as soon as practicable 3.Avoid abrupt power changes 4.Maintain speed below Vne power off 5.On ground: abort start
Red Gov Light 1.Major gov failure 2.Land as soon as practicable 3.Check flight parameters 4.Avoid abrupt power changes 5.Ng above 80%6.Make a powered approach, avoid steep angles8.During starting: starting selector off immediately
Eng Fire at startup 1.Starting selector off 2.Emergency fuel-shut off 3.Booster pump off 4.Crank 10 sec 5.Master switch off 6.Rotor brake <170 7.Evacuate and fight fire
Eng Fire at hover, take-off, final 1.Land immediately 2.Make a powered no hover landing 3.Starting selector off 4.Emergency fuel shut off 5.Crank 10 sec. 6. Master switch off 7.Rotor brake <170 8.Evacuate and fight fire
Eng Fire in Flight 1.Land immediately 2.Enter autorotation 3.Emergency fuel shut off 4.Starting selector off. After landing: Master switch off. Rotor brake <170 Evacuate and fight fire
Eng P (red) Eng oil pressure below 1,1 bar. Check oil pressure gauge Normal: Land as soon as practicable/ Low or nil: Land immediately
Eng Chip (yellow) 1.Reduce collective power 2.Land as soon as possible 3.Low power approach and landing 4.Be prepared in case of an engine loss of power
MGB P (red) •MGB oil pressure < 1 bar 1.Reduce collective power 2.Land as soon as possible 3.If a safe landing is not possible, continue flight to the nearest safe place at minimum power speed Vy
MGP Temp (yellow) •Main gearbox oil temp > 115°C 1.IAS to Vy 2.Monitor CWP - MGP Temp normal: Land as soon as practicable/ MGP Temp yellow: Land as soon as possible
TWT Grip (red) 1.Twist grip turn to flight detent. Continue flight
MGB Chip (yellow) 1.Reduce power 2.Monitor MGB P og MGB TEMP. 3.Land as soon as possible
TGB Chip (yellow) 1.Avoid prolonged hovering. Continue flight
HYDR (red) in hover 1.Land normally 2.Twist grip to idle 3.Collective lock 4.Starting selector off.
HYDR (red) in flight 1.Set IAS to 40-60 kt 2.Collective HYD switch off 3.Land as soon as possible 4.Flat approach into wind. No hover, slow running landing (10 kt)
BATT TEMP (red) 1.Ext PWR Batt off 2.U bus voltage check: Normal: Land as soon as practicable/ Above U max: Ext Pwr Batt On. Gen off. Unnecessary equipment off. Land as soon as practicable
Batt (yellow) Battery offline. 1.Ext Pwr Batt check on. No: Push on. Light out: continue flight/ Yes: Check voltage on VEMD. Land as soon as practicable.
Gene (yellow) 1. Check U bus on VEMD 2.Check Gen on. No: Gen on/ Yes: Check circuit breaker. Push in Gen Reset. Gen light out: Continue flight. Gen yellow: Unnecessary equipment off. Land as soon as practicable. Max flight time: 50 day/ 20 min night
Fuel (yellow) 1.Land as soon as possible. 15 min of flight time remain at MCP
Fuel P (yellow) 1.In flight: Reduce power 2.Booster pumt on 3.Land as soon as possible 4.Low power approach and landing. Be prepared to enter auto.
Fuel Filt (yellow) 1.Reduce power. Fuel filt yellow: Land as soon as possible/ Fuel filt out: Establish flight at reduced power 2.Land as soon as practicable 3.On both: monitor Ng. If occilation occours: Enter auto. Land immediately
Pitot (yellow) 1.Check Pitot on. No: Pitot on. Continue flight/ Yes: Monitor airspeed indicator. Continue Flight
Horn (yellow) 1.Check horn on. No: Horn on. Continue flight/ Yes: Aural Warning Failure. Continue Flight
Door (yellow) 1.Reduce airspeed to 70 kt 2.Land as soon as practicable. Descend and approach at low rate of descent
Engine Flame out - Hover IGE 1.Collective maintain 2.Pedals control yaw 3.Increase colective to cushion touch-down
Engine Flame out - Hover OGE 1.Collective full down 2.When Nr stops decreasing, cyclic forward to gain speed 3.Apply autorotation procedure
Engine in flight relighting 1.Starting selector off 2.Fuel pump on 3.Starting selector on 4.Fuel pump off after enginge start (Ng<17%)
Complete loss of tail rotor effectiveness - Hover IGE Land Immediately 1. Twist grip to idle 2.Increase collective to cushion landing
Complete loss of tail rotor effectiveness - Hover OGE 1.Reduce collective and push cyclic forward.2.Cyclic adjust to set IAS to Vy and control yaw 3.Land as soon as possible
Complete loss of tail rotor effectiveness - In flight 1.Cyclic adjust to set IAS to Vy and control yaw 2.Collective adjust to avoid sideslip 3.Land as soon as possible. On a suitable place for autorotative landing: 4. Twist grip to idle 5.Carry out a auto landing
Tail rotor control failure 1.Cyclic and collective adjust to set IAS to 70 kt 2.HYD Test pushbutton depress for 5 sec 3.Make a shallow approach with slight left sideslip 4.Perform running landing
Engine oil temp > 115 celcius 1.Set IAS to 80 kt Temp reduces; YES: Land as soon as practicable. NO: Land as soon as possible. Check cooler fan
Low engine oil pressure 1.CWP - check Eng P 2.????
Created by: hansen92
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