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Metamorphoses Lines

Alcyone, Narrator 2 of Baucis and Philemon

...These two adored each other and lived in a monotony of happiness. But nothing in this world is safe It isn't true
...Ceyx had ordered his ship to be made ready for a sea voyage, to visit a far-off oracle. How can you leave me alone? I'll pine in your absence. Overland, it's a long and arduous trip, but I'd still prefer that to a voyage by sea-which I fear, for my father's winds are wild and savage.
for my father's winds are wild and savage You think as his son in law you may get some special treatment. Not so!
Not so! Once they've escaped my father's cave, those winds are wild and beyond anyone's control. As I girl I watched them come home exhausted and spent, and I learned to fear them thenNow I am petrified, surely-
she said, ...if you die my life is overand I shall be cursed with every reluctant breath I draw
Stranded on shore, afraid, domesticated, diminished, a kind of lap dog? Take me with you at least, and we'll meet the storms together, which I fear much less than to be left a widow
in two months' time, I'll be back. No. I fear you won't. I know you won't.
Nothing left but the slow parade led by Hermes to the Underworld. One two three four, fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred...
one hundred... One two three four, fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred...
Look at her, Iris, she's moved her vigil down to the shore and now she's sleeping there. ...ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred. Ceyx? Come home. I'm nearer now, I'm sleeping on the shore. It's not so far until you see me.
That's good. That's very good. Now go! Sir, you seem like a seafaring man, can you tell me,Where is my husband, Ceyx? Have you seen him on the sea?His ship is strong and unmistakable.Have you seen him? Sir?
Do you not know me? Has death undone me so? No!
Look at me, I charge you-look at me! No! I won't. I won't!
Your prayers have done no good, for I am gone, beyond all help or hope forever. Go away!
Look at me, my little bird. I told you. I knew it would happen and I begged you not to go. I knew the day you sailed I had lost you forever. The ship, my hopes and my life grew smaller all at the same time. You should have allowed me to come-
Little bird- This is no good, no good-that I should be living and you be elsewhere or nowhere? I'm drowning now in the air, I'm wrecked here on the land where the currents are just as cold and cruel.
Get up from your bed and put on your mourning clothes Wait for me! Come back! Whee are you going? Wait and I'll go with you as wives are supposed to go with their husbands.Lucina! Lucina! Give me your lantern.Ceyx! Come back! Where are you!Come back! He was here. Where is he? Where is he?
She remembered his last kiss, the way he turned to the ship, could not bear it, and turned again to her. What is that out there? Oh, it is a man. Alas, poor sailor for your wife and...
The gods are not altogether unkind. Some prayers are answered. Ceyx, is this how you return to me?
Why, you are children of God. Come in, come in. The two immortals, satisfied that their disguises had not been seen through, entered the house, lowering their heads to fit through the door.
Philemon set out the embroidered cloth that they saved for feast days. Baucis saw that one of the legs of the chair was short and she propped it up with a shard of a pot.
And a basket of ripe apples. Remember how apples smell?
At last, with a show of modest pride, they brought out a bit of honeycomb for sweetness. Philemon poured wine from a bottle, but as he filled the glasses of the guests, he saw that the bottle remained full.
...remained full and then they knew.
I'd hate to see my wife's grave or have her weep at mine. The gods granted their wish. Arrived at a very old age together, the two stood at what had been their modest door way and was now a grandiose facade.
The whisper Let me die the moment my love dies(they whisper)Let me not outlive my own capacity to love(the whisper)Let me die still loving, and so, never die.
Created by: haleyBUGoxox
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