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E&T Tech School

Block 2

Training Status Code? The airman is in UGT for the initial award of a 3-skill level Air Force Specialty Code A
Training Status Code? The airman is attending basic military training or a skill level awarding technical school. This code also applies to those in follow-on training. K
Training Status Code? The airman is retraining from an AFSC awarded at the 3 or higher skill level and is in UGT for subsequent award of a 3-skill level AFSC. E
Training Status Code? The airman is in UGT for the initial award of a 5-skill level AFSC. B
Training Status Code? The airman is fully qualified. Use this code when personnel complete UGT. R
The airman has approved retraining via a formal school, the CAFSC has changed to the retraining AFSC, and the airman is waiting to attend class. ANG/AFRC with a CAFSC of a 1-skill level awaiting training, not to exceed 12 months. M
UTM responsibilities for screening incoming personnel: 1. Review the person's training documents. 2. Check PCS orders 3. Review AF Form 623's
What is a "On the Job Training Roster"? This report lists everyone in the squadron who is currently in upgrade and or qualification training.
What are the requirememnts for maintaining an AF Form 623? 1. Supervisors maintain one for all assigned personnel. 2. Supervisors of AB - TSgt are required to maintain one.
When disposing a 623, under what circumstance would you not give an individual their 623? If it contains classified information.
AF Form? Report of Task Evaluation? AF Form 803. Used to conduct and document copletion of task evals during SAVs, when directed by the commander, or when task certification requires evaluation.
AF Form? Special Task Certification and Recurring Training? AF Form 1098.
Where would you access a AFJQS? The E-PUBS website.
In what ways are knowledge training acquired? CDCs, Specialized Course (SC), Qualification training package (QTP) for any of the tasks.
Personnel authorized to sign off tasks are listed where in the CFETP? In the identification block of part II in the CFETP.
Identify all duty position requirements by? Using the Master Task Listing (MTL).
Transcribe within how many days of published date of revised CFETP? 120 days (240 days for ARC)
If an airman is decertified on a task, where are the appropriate remarks entered? AF Form 623a.
If CDCs are unavailbale, the trainee studies what? Part 2 technical references in the CFETP that are identified by the supervisors.
The UTM enrolls the student through which system? PDS or MilPDS.
CDC Administration. What happens when a CDC arrives at the Unit ETM? 1. Unit ETM issues CDC to Supervisor and Trainee. 2. The UTM briefs the supervisor and trainee on the proper use of the CDCs. 3. Supervisor and trainee will inventory CDC material using inventory sheet. 4. Supervisor and trainee make corrections to course
How does a trainee go about completing a CDC? UREs must be given "open book", and must be documented on AFIADL Form 34.
Where does the supervisor annotate the reason for a trainee exceeding volume time limits? AF Form 623a.
What is the supervisor's responsibility after a trainee completes their last volume? Conduct a comprehensive review of all volumes, document review on 623a, and notify UTM to order CE
What happens after satisfactory CE results arrive at BETM? 1. BETM logs the score onto the test control log and destroys exam booklet. 2. BETM send AFIADL Form 9 to supervisor through UTM
What happens after unsatisfactory CE results arrive at BETM? Same as satisfactory except you contact appropriate personnel about the failure. 2. Unit commander interviews supervisor and trainer.
During a CDC failure, how do you check what the supervisor's involvement was? Check the 623a to see the supervisor's involvement
If a second CDC failure? Unit CC with assistance from UTM conduct 2nd interview within 30 days of initial notification.
What are the commander's options for a two time CDC failure? 1. Evaluate trainee for possible CDC waiver. 2. Pursue Separation. 3. Recommend retraining or return to previous AFSC. 4. Place into T code and re-evaluate at 90 days for possible re-entry into training and consider above option again.
What are some common problems that happen within the CDC program? CDCs not received, Lost material, Low URE scores, Late volume completion, course enrollment expiring, Little or no supervisor involvement, Lack of effort by trainee.
What is an AU IMT 17? Helps you resolve most problems that arise during the course of an enrollment. Must be signed by UTM or BETM before being sent off to AFIADL.
Who is the POC for waiver packages? Base Training.
How are CDC examinations secured? 1. Metal file cabinet equipped with a steel lock bar and a three combination dial-type padlock. 2. Metal file cabinet with a combination lock. 3. upright safe or vault.
When must padlock combinations be changed? TCO, test admins, or alt TCO changes, Annually as a minimum
How often does a TCO conduct a test inventory? At least once every 90 days and signs test control log
Created by: RonnyPaz
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