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X-ray emission

What affects x-ray quantity x-ray intensity and factors that affect x-ray quality
What affects x-ray quality pebetrability, half value layer, factors tha affect x-ray quality, types of filtration
mAs is quantity of x-rays produced and amount
kVp is quantity of the x-ray, intensity, power
What is x-ray quality the measurement of the number of ion pairs produced in air by a quality of x-rays
Radiation exposure is measured in roentgen(R), milliroentgen (mR), milligrays (mGy)
Factors that affect x-ray quantity are mAs, kVp, distance, and filtration
Factors that affect x-ray quantity (mAs) when the mAs increases the number of x-rays produced increaseswhen the mAs decreases the number of x-rays produced decreases
What are some factors that affect x-ray quality penetrability, half value layer, factors that affect x-ray quality, and types of filtration
what is the quantity and mAs equation I1/I2=mAs1/mAs2I1 and I2 are the x-ray intensity
Factors that affect x-ray quantity (kVp) if the kVp were to bouble, the x-ray intensity would increase by a factor of 4If the kVp were to decrease, the x-ray intensity would decreased by a factor of 4
What is the equation that affects the x-ray quantity (kVp) I1/I2=(kVp1/kVp2)^2
Factors tha affect x-ray quantity (distnace) inverse square law I1/I2=(d2d1)^2
Factors that effect x-ray quality(penetrability) high energy can penetrate more than less energy
What is penetrability the ability of x-rays to penetrate deep through tissue
Penetrability of an x-ray is called x-ray quality
factors that effect x-ray quality (filtration) half value layer 1-5 mm Al placed in the useful beamreduces the number of low energy x-rayreduction in the patient dose
HVL is the best way to specify x-ray quality
Factors that affect x-ray quality (filtration) Inherent filtration (glass window)added filtration (thin sheets of aluminum between the protective x-ray housing and the x-ray beam collimatorcollimator mirror
Inherent+ added filtration = 2.5 mm Al equivalent
factors that affect x-ray quality (compensating filters) helps create uniformity in density when body parts vary inthickness
Types of compensating filters wedge filtertrough filterconic filterbow tie filter
Created by: eliza alvarez