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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Distress Tolerance Unit

openness, accepting of help, courage, surrender, teachable Willingness
uncooperative, headstrong, stubborn, defiant, self-serving (NOT a skill, but a barrier) Willfulness
Turning the Mind re-choosing, redirecting attention towards long term goals
Radical Acceptance It is what it is, compassion, surrender to the facts
Awareness Exercises Being attentive to your whole body while doing a task (often a simple task)
Half Smile changing the chemistry in your brain by changing what you are doing with your mouth
Crisis Box Dedicating a container to reminders of skills to get through a tough time
Activities distraction strategy of finding things to do, and engaging in tasks that increase mastery
Contributions random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty
Comparisons thinking of when you were having a harder time
different Emotions creating situations that produce feelings that are a unlike the feeling from which you are trying distract yourself (2 words)
Pushing away Putting the source of distress in a box or on a shelf and coming back to it later
Thoughts thinking about things that require focus and attention that are distracting
intense Sensations distracting yourself with your senses (e.g., putting your face in ice water, a cold shower, holding a piece of ice until it melts)
Imagery going somewhere else without moving your body
Meaning people can survive any ‘what’ if they know their ‘why’
Prayer consciously connecting with one’s Higher Power, asking for help from the spiritual world; NOT barganing (if you fix this I'll do that)
Relaxation settling down, loosening up, calming down, unwinding
One-thing-in-the-moment Making a choice about what specific thing to focus and refocus on Here and Now
Vacation Setting aside a concrete amount of time to take a break and intentionally distract yourself, or shift to self-comfort
self Encouragement Affirmations, cheering yourself through difficulties, positive self-talk
Meaning Finding value in hardship
Meaning Making lemonade out of lemons
Comparisons being grateful that your situation isn’t as bad as others
Comparisons Remembering a time when you were doing better and believing that you can get there again
A in ACCEPTS Activities
C in ACCEPTS Contributions
C in ACCEPTS Comparisons
E in ACCEPTS different Emotions
P in ACCEPTS Pushing away
T in ACCEPTS Thoughts
S in ACCEPTS intense Sensations
I in IMPROVE Imagery
M in IMPROVE Meaning
P in IMPROVE Prayer
R in IMPROVE Relaxation
O in IMPROVE One-thing-in-the-moment
V in IMPROVE Vacation
E in IMPROVE Encouragement
"The truth is that the more that you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer, because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt." --Thomas Merton Willingness
Created by: llongino