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calculation practice


a/A ratio-PaO2 of 75, PAO2 of 245 75/245=30.6%
Bicarb correction-Base defecit of -3, 79kg -3x79/4=59.25
BSA-average adult 1.7m2
BSA-65kg (4x65)+7/65+90=1.67m2
O2 consumption (VO2) of a 70kg pt (4x70)/70+90=1.75m2130x1.75=227.5
normal CO 4-8L/min
CO-70kg patient, CaO2 15vol%, CvO2 10vol% 227.5/5%227.5/.05=4550mL (4.5L)
dynamic compliance-PEEP 5, PIP 25, corrected Vt 600 600/25-5=30
NL dynamic compliance 30-40mL/cmH2O
Corrected Vt-Vte .550, Tubing volume 50mL 550-50=500mL
NL Vd/Vd-intubated pt 40-60%
NL Vd/Vt-non intubated pt 20-40%
Vd/Vt- PaCO2 45, PeCO2 35 45-35/45=22%
FIO2 needed for a COPD pt- desired PaO2 60, RA PaO2 35 12%+(60-35)/3=60-35=25/3=8.338.33+21=29.33%
Minimum flow rate needed-minute volume 15, I:E 1:3 15x4=60L.min`
I:E ratio- Ti% 25% 25%/25%:1-25%/25%=1:3
Mean Airway Pressure-RR 25, Ti .5, PIP 35, PEEP 8 25x.5=12.5/60=.20835-8=27x.208=5.62+8=13.6cmH2O
anatomic dead space-estimated of a 65kg pt 65mL
alveolar ventilation-minute volume 8,78kg pt, RR 25 (8/25)=.320L(320-78)=242x25=6050mL
minute volume-RR 20, Vt 500 .500x20=10
NL CaO2 16-20vol%
arterial oxygen content-Hb 10g%, SaO2 95%, PaO2 95 (10x1.34x.95)+(95x.003)12.73+.285=12.015vol%
overall oxygen carying capability of the blood CaO2
Can be found also with an expiratory hold Mean airway pressure
Created by: thekaplankid