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PD 115 week 1

study for 1st week test

What is a professional? "of or engaged in a profession; engaged in some specific occupation for pay"
How do we present ourselves as professionals? empathy, attitude, dependability,initiative, flexibility, desire to learn, appearance, communication, ethical behavior
How do we show empathy? by considering a patient's welfare and being kind
how do we display our attitude? body posture reflects mood or action; manner shows feelings, thoughts, disposition or opinion
how are we dependable? by being trustworthy and reliable
what is initiative/ willingness and ability to work independently
what is flexibility? being able to adapt
what is communication? being able to express oneself verbally and non-verbally with pt's and coworkers
what is ethical behavior? acting within a system of values that determines perception of right and wrong
What are desireable work traits? good organizational skills, people skills, aseptic technique, eye/hand coordination, communication skills, ethical and professional attitude, team player
what are organizational skills? being able to prioritize, time management, work quickly and accuratly,
What is teamwork? perform a variety of tasks, dependable, function in a crisis, adaptable and flexible,
Created by: bellajerrent429
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