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History of RT

Egan's 9th edition chapter 1

Caregiver who acts as a physician extender after receiving additional education physician assistant
national professional association for respiratory care AARC
health care discipline that specializes in the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary health respiratory therapy
name suggesting increased involvement in diease prevention and management and promotion of health and wellness respiratory care
one of the primary treatments for asthma uses this method of delivery aerosol medications
widely prescribed in hospitals by the 1940s and still a mainstay of respiratory care oxygen therapy
organization responsible for the respiratory credentialing examination NBRC
iron lung is an example of this therapy that helps patients who cannot breathe mechanical ventilation
professional organization that accredits respiratory care schools and programs CoARC
heart and lungs working together is the "bread and butter" of our profession cardiopulmonary system
method to test the way that height, age, obesity, and disease alter lung function pulmonary function test
another name for the RT is this more formal term respiratory care practitioner(s)
individual trained to deliver care to patients with heart and lung disease respiratory therapist(s)
relieving obstruction is the key to this respiratory procedure airway management
Created by: Sasha Lynn