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Review ch1-5

Basal cells, intestinal crypt cells and reproductive cells have what in common? They are all highly radiosensitive.
A biological reaction is produced by 3 gy. It takes 12 gy of 250 kvp of x-radiation to produce the same reaction. What is the RBE? 12/3=4.
cancer and genetic effects are what kind of effects? Stochastic.
Linear, nonthreshold curve implies that the biologic response is what kind of relationship? Direct.
DNA, RNA, Protein. List in order starting with the most radiosensitive. DNA, RNA, protein.
muscle, lymphocytes, osteoblasts, fibroblasts, which has low radiosensitivity? Muscle.
If cell death occurs before mitosis this is known as: Interphase death.
A free radical has a single unpaired___in its outer shell. electron.
What kind of damage is responsible for late radiation effects? Point lesions.
T OR F? All damage to DNA is irreverseable. False.
regarding OER, Alpha does not need the help of oxygen. T or F? True.
The higher the LET the___ the OER. lower.
OER is___ for x-rays than for alpha particles. Greater.
In a non oxygen state you need more radiation. T or F? True.
Mitosis is a subphase of interphase. False.
Give 3 other names for immature cells: Stem, precursor and undifferentiated.
The rate at which energy is deposited as a charged particle travels through matter is called: LET.
The 'powerhouses' of the cell is known as: Mitochondria.
Protein synthesis takes places in: cytoplasm.
The patient recieved 250m__ following a L-spine. Gy.
What unit is used for worker dose? Sv/rem.
The radioalysis of water involves the ___theory. Indirect theory.
The annual occupational exposure limit is: 5 rem. or .05 SV.
An X-ray machine produces 143___ when 120 kvp and 80 mas is used. Roentgen.
Indirect theory occurs when ___ molecules are modified due to exposure. Water.
What unit is used to describe patient dose? RAD.
Who discovered X-rays and when? Roentgen, 1895.
What is erythema? Reddening of the skin.
Which agency regulates the radiation exposure of rad. personnel? NCRP
What is the term for nondividing cell cycle segment? Interphase.
Which cell cycle phase is most radioresistant? S.
Which process of cell division has the purpose to form two identical cells? Meiosis.
The greater the LET the ___ the chance for a biologic reaction. Greater.
Created by: Stee0015