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actions of mm's


action of sternocleidomastoid unilaterally- lateral flexes and rotates head to opposite side.bilaterally- flexes neck, draws sternum superiorly during inspiration. elevates chin
action of platysma depresses mandible and draws lower lip laterally. draws up skin of chest
action of scalenus anterior, medius, and posterior together they flex neck. acting on one side they laterally flex and rotate neck
action of splenius capitis,cervicis together they extend, hyperextend head and neck. acting on one side they laterally flex, rotate head an neck
action of erector spinae(iliocostalis,longissimus, and spinalis) extends,and laterally flexes vertebral column,and rotates ribs. longissimus also extends and rotates head.
action of transversospinalis(semispinalis,multifidi, and rotatores) extends and rotates vertebral column. semispinalis capitis extends and rotates head
action of interspinales extends vertebral column
action of intertransversarii lateral flexion of vertebral column
action of external intercostals draw ribs upward, increasing the volume for inspiration
action of internal intercostals draw ribs downward, decreasing the volume for expiration
action of diaphragm draws cntral tendon inferiorly, for inspiration
action of external and internal oblique compresses abdominal contents, laterally flexes and rotates vertebral column
action of transverse abdominal compresses abdomen. holds in guts
action of rectus abdominis flexes vertebral column, compresses abdomen
action of quadratus lumborum laterally flexes vertebral column, elevates pelvis..helps with climbing
action of pectoralis major adduction of arm, assists in shoulder flexion and medially rotates arm
action of pectoralis minor anteriorly tips the scapula
action of subclavius steadies during movements of the shoulder girdle
actions of coracobrachialis shoulder flexion
actions of biceps brachii shoulder flexion, elbow flexion, helps with supination
actions of brachialis flexes forearm
actions of upper trapezius elevation and upward rotation
actions of middle trapezius adduction of scapula
actions of lower trapezius upward rotation of scapula and scapula depression
actions of latissimus dorsi shoulder extension, adduction, internal rotation
actions of levator scapulae elevates and downward rotation
actions of rhomboid major and minor elevation, adduction and downward rotation of scapula
actions of serratus anterior aBduction of arm and upward rotation
actions of anterior deltoid shoulder flexion
actions of middle deltoid shoulder aBduction
actions of posterior deltoid shoulder extension
actions of supraspinatus intitiates aBduction but cant finish it
actions of infraspinatus lateral shoulder rotator
actions of teres minor lateral rotation of shoulder
actions of subscapularis medial rotation of humerus
actions of teres major medially rotate, adduct, and extend humerus.
actions of triceps brachii posterior shoulder extension. elbow extension
actions of anconeus extends forearm
actions of pronator teres pronates and flexes forearm
actions of flexor carpi radialis flexes hand, synergist in abduction with extensor carpi radialis longus and bevis
actions of palmaris longus flexes the hand
actions of flexor carpi ulnaris flexes hand, synergist in adduction of hand with extensor carpi ulnaris
actions offlexor digitorum superficialis flexes the middle phalanges of the fingers
actions of flexor digitorum profundus flexes distal phalanges
actions of flexor pollicis longus flexes the thumb
actions of pronator quadratus pronates forearm and hand
actions of brachioradialis flexes forearm
actions of extensor carpi radialis longus extends hand, synergist in aBduction of hand with flexor carpi radialis
actions of extensor carpi radialis brevis extends hand, synergist in abduction of hand with flexor carpi radialis
actions of extensor digitorum extends the fingers and wrist
actions of extensor digiti minimi extends 5th digit
actinos of extensor carpi ulnaris extends hand, synergist in adductin of hand with flexor carpi ulnaris
actions of supinator supinates the forearm
actions of aBductor pollicis longus aBducts, laterally rotates and extends thumb, aBducts wrist
actions of extensor pollicis brevis extends thumb and aBducts hand
actions of extensor pollicis longus extends thumb
actions of extensor indicis extends the index finger
actions of palmaris brevis corrugates lateral skin of palm
actions of aBductor pollicis brevis aBducts thumb, and moves it anteriorly (flexion). acts together with other muscles of thenar eminence to oppose thumb to other fingers
actions of flexor pollicis brevis flexes mcp joint of thumb. acts with other muscles of thenar eminence to create opposition of thumb to fingers and assists in abductin and rotation of thumb
actions of opponens pollicis rotates thumb into opposition with fingeres and acts together with thenar eminence muscles to oppose thumb to other fingers
actions of adductor pollicis adducts thumb. forms webspace in hand
actions of aBductor digiti minimi aBducts fith finger
actions of flexor digiti minimi brevis flexes fifth giner at mcp joint
actions of oponens digiti minimi rotates 5th metacarpal bone. assists flexor digit minimi brevvis in flexing ccarpometacarpal joint of 5th finger
actions of lumbricales extend ip joints and weakly flex fingers at mcp joints
actions of palmar interossei(PAD) adduct fingers toward center of 3rd finger at mcp joints
actions of dorsal interossei (DAB) aBucts fingers away fro the center of the 3rd finger at mcp joints.
actions of psoas major hip flexion
actions of iliacus flexes femur
actions of pirifomis laterally rotates femur
action of obturator internus laterally rotates femur
action of gemellus superior laterally rotates femur
actions of gemellus inferior laterally rotates femur
actions of obturator externus lateral rotation of femur
action of quadratus femoris laterally rotates femur
action of gluteus maximus hip extension
action of gluteus medius hip aBduction
action of gluteus minimus aBducts hip
action of tensor fasciae latae hip aBduction
action of sartorius flexes, aBducts, and laterally rotates hip
actions of rectus femoris extends knee and flexes thigh.
actions of vastus lateralis extends knee
actions of vastus medialis knee extension
actions of vastus intermedius
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