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and management of ARDS

how do we treat hypoxia? treatment is directed at the cause
what three factors contribute to improving ventilation? 1.improving alveolar ventilation2.reducing dead space3.reducing CO2 production
when is Fio2 measured in the clinical setting? at least every 24 hours
the most common parameters to assess oxygenation 1.FIO22.SaO23.ABG4.Hb5.PaO26.PAO27.PaO2/FIO28.shunt9.CO10.SvO211.CvO2
what can determine oxygen utilization by the tissues? 1.C(a-v)O22.VO23.cardiac output4.SvO2
Goals of PEEP/CPAP 1.enhance oxygenation2.maintain PaO2 >60mmHg3.maintain SaO2 at 90% or greater4.recruit alveoli5.restore FRC
mode in which Ti is longer than Te IRV
PEEP definition ventilatory support at a baseline pressure above 0
CPAP definition pressure above ambient pressure maintained during spontaneous ventilation
definition:flow restrictor acchieves expiratory pressure by creating a resistance to expiratory flow through an orfice
definition:threshhold restrictor device that provides a constant pressure throught expiration regardless of flow rate
Minimum or low PEEP 3-5cmH2O
therapeutic PEEP 5cmH2O or greater
indications for PEEP therapy 1.bilateral infiltrates on CXR2.recurrent atelectasis with low FRC3.reduced Compliance4.PaO2 <60nnHg on an FIO2 >50%5.PaO2/FIO2 ratio <200 refractory hypoxemia
Oxygen delivery equation Cardiac output x CaO2
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