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Delta City Codes

Airport City Codes

ACA Acapulco, Mexico
ALB Albany, NY
AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
ANC Anchorage, AK
ATH Athens, Greece
ATL Atlanta, GA
AUS Austin, TX
BOG Bogata, Colombia
BOI Boise, ID
BON Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
BOS Boston, MA
BRU Brussels, Belgium
BUF Buffalo, NY
BUR Burbank, CA
CLE Cleveland, OH
DAY Dayton, OH
DEN Denver, CO
DUB Dublin, Ireland
ELP El Paso, TX
FAI Fairbanks, AK
FRA Frankfurt, Germany
GUA Guatemala City, Guatemala
HOU Houston, TX
IND Indianapolis, IN
KIN Kingston, Jamaica
LAS Las Vegas, NV
LEX Lexington, KY
LIM Lima, Peru
LIT Little Rock, AR
MAD Madrid, Spain
MAN Manchester, England
MEM Memphis, TN
MEX Mexico City, Mexico
MOB Mobile, AL
MIA Miami, FL
MYR Myrtle Beach, SC
NAS Nassau, Bahammas
OAK Oakland, CA
OMA Omaha, NE
ONT Ontario, CA
PIT Pittsburgh, PA
RIC Richmond, VA
ROC Rochester, NY
SAN San Diego, CA
SAV Savannah, GA
SEA Seattle, WA
SYR Syracuse, NY
TUL Tulsa, OK
ABQ Albuquerque, NM
AUA Aruba, Netherlands Antilles
BCN Barcelona, Spain
BTR Baton Rouge, LA
BDA Bermuda (Hamilton)
BHM Birmingham, AL
BZE Belize City, Belize
BZN Bozeman, MT
CUN Cancun, Mexico
CCS Caracus, Venezuela
CHS Charleston, SC
CLT Charlotte, NC
MDW Chicago (Midway), IL
COS Colorado Springs, Co
CMH Columbus, OH
CZM Cozumel, Mexico
DAB Daytona Beach, FL
FLL Fort Lauderdale, FL
GCM Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
GSO Greensboro, NC
GSP Greensville/Spartanburg, SC
GDL Guadalajara, Mexico
HNL Honolulu, HI
HSV Huntsville, AL
JAN Jackson, MS
LIR Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
LGW London (Gatwick), England
MHT Manchester, NH
MLB Melbourne, FL
MKE Milwaukee, WI
MSP Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
ANU Antigua and Barbuda
BGI Bridgetown, Barbados
DKR Dakar, Senegal
DXB Dubai, united Arab Emirates
DUS Duesseldorf, Germany
FPO Freeport, Bahammas
JNB Johannesburg, South Africa
LOS Lagos, Nigeria
MGA Managua, Nicaragua
NRT Narita (Tokyo) Japan
JFK New York (J.F.K.), N.Y.
LGA New York (La Guardia), NY
EWR Newark, NJ
ORF Norfolk, VA
OKC Oklahoma City, OK
PTY Panama City, Panama
CDG Paris (Charles De Gaulle), France
PNS Pensacola, FL
PHL Philadelphia, PA
PHX Phoenix, AZ
PRG Prague, Czech Republic
PVD Providence, RI
PLS Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
PUJ Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
UIO Quito, Ecuador
RDU Raleigh/Durham, NC
RNO Reno, NV
STX Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands
STL Saint Louis, MO
STT Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
SLC Salt Lake City, UT
SAT San Antonio, TX
SFO San Francisco, CA
SJC San Jose, CA
SJO San Jose, Costa Rica
SJU San Juan, Puerto Rico
SAL San Salvador, El Salvador
SCL Santiago, Chile
SNN Shannon, Ireland
SHV Shreveport, LA
BWI Baltimore, MD
EZE Buenos Aires, Argentina
ORD Chicago (O'Hare) IL
CVG Cincinnati, OH
CAE Columbia, SC
CPH Copenhagen, Denmark
DTW Detroit, MI
RSW Fort Myers, FL
VPS Fort Walton Beach, FL
GYE Guayaquil, Ecuador
BDL Harford, CT
IAH Houston (George Bush), TX
JAX Jacksonville, FL
MCI Kansas City, MO
TYS Knoxville, TN
LAX Los Angeles, CA
SJD Los Cabos/Can San Lucas, Mexico
SDF Louisville, KY
OGG Maui, Hi
MXP Milan, Italy
MTY Monterrey, Mexico
YUL Montreal, PQ, Canada
SVO Moscow, Russian Federation
BNA Nashville, TN
MSY New Orleans, (Louis Armstrong), LA
PHF Newport News/Virgina Beach, VA
SNA Orange County, CA
MCO Orlando, FL
PWM Portland, ME
PDX Portland, OR
POP Puerto Planta, Dominican Republic
PVR Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
GIG Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
RTB Roatan, Honduras
FCO Rome, Italy
SMF Sacramento, CA
SAP San Pedro Sula, Honduras
SDQ Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
GRU Sao Paulo, Brasil
SRQ Sarasota, FL
DFW Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
MBJ Montego Bay, Jamaica
MUC Munich, Germany
STR Stuttgart, Germany
TLH Tallahassee, FL
TPA Tampa, FL
TLV Tel Aviv, Israel
TUS Tucson, AZ
VCE Venice, Italy
ZRH Zurich, Switzerland
GEG Spokane, WA
UVF St. Lucia
SXM St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
YYZ Toronto, ON, Canada
IAD Washington (Dulles) DC
DCA Washington (Ronal Reagan), DC
PBI West Palm Beach, FL
CAK Akron/Canton, OH
AEX Alexandria, LA
ATW Appleton, WI
AVL Ashville, NC
AGS Augusta, GA
BMI Bloomington, IL
BQK Brunswick, GA
CRW Charleston, WV
CHO Charlottesville, VA
CHA Chattanooga, TN
CSG Columbus, GA
GTR Columbus, MS
DSM Des Moines, IA
DHN Dothan, AL
EVV Evansville, IN
XNA Fayetteville, AR
FAY Fayetteville, NC
FNT Flint, MI
FLO Florence, SC
GNV Gainesville, FL
GRR Grand Rapids, MI
MDT Harrisburg, PA
OAJ Jacksonville/Richlands, NC
EYW Key West, Fl
GRK Killeen, TX
LFT LaFayette, LA
LYH Lynchburg, VA
MEI Meridian, MS
MLI Moline, IL
MLU Monroe, LA
EWN Newbern, NC
SWF Newburgh, NY
PIA Peoria, IL
ROA Roanoke, VA
SBN Southbend, IN
SGF Springfield, MO
TRI Tri Cities, TN
VLD Valdosta, GA
HPN White Plains, NY
ICT Wichita, KS
ILM Wilmington, NC
GPT Gulfport/Biloxi, MS
FWA Fort Wayne, IN
Created by: rowedog
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