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RSP250 Chang calcs


Raw PIP-Plat/Flow (L/sec)
a/A ratio Pao2/PAO2
Bicarb correction of base defecit BE-Kg/4
BSA (4xkg)+7/kg+90
CO-Fick method O2 consumption/CaO2-CvO2
O2 consumption-estimated 130xBSA
Dynamic compliance Change in V/change in P
Static compliance change in volume/PIP-total PEEP
Corrected Vt Vte-tubing volume
Vd/Vt PaCO2-PeCO2/PaCO2
Expired Minute ventilation VtxRR
Alveolar minute ventiation (Vt-Vd)xRR
CaO2 (Hbx1.34xSaO2)+(PaO2x.003)
time constant RxC
ventialtor rate needed for a desired PaCO2 knownRRxKnownPaCO2/Desired PaCO2
calculate a rate from TCT 60sec/TCT in seconds
Calculating Te TCT-Ti
Female IBW 105+5(60-HT in inches)
Male IBW 106+6(60-HT in inches)
Qs/Qt (PAO2-PaO2)x0.003/(CaO2-CvO2)+(PAO2-PaO2)x0.003
PAO2 (Pb-PH2O)xFIO2-PaCO2x1.25
Normal a/A ratio >60%
Average adult BSA 1.7m2
Normal CO 4-8L/min
Normal Cdyn 30-40mL/cmH2O
Normal Cst 40-60mL/cmH2O
Normal Vd/Vt-spontaneous 20-40%
Normal Vd/Vt-on mechanical ventilation 40-60%
Normal CaO2 16-20vol%
Normal shunt <10%
Normal RSBI <100
Desired Vt Actual VtxActual PaCO2/Desired PaCO2
Desired frequency Actual frequencyxActual PaCO2/Desired PaCO2
Normal PaO2/FIO2 ratio 500
Normal PvO2 35-40mmHg
desired FIO2 Desired PaO2xKnown FIO2/ KnownPaO2
Created by: thekaplankid
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